Santa Clarita real estate and home photo shoot

    GREAT photography sells Santa Clarita homesWhen you hire our SCVnest/Paris911 Group to sell your home, we typically hire a professional photographer to photograph your home.

    This is no different if we are listing your real estate out of our Santa Clarita Valley or within. We hire the best photographer so we are able to get your home in front of more eyeballs than others in our industry.

    We are Top Santa Clarita real estate agents with our web presence. When you search for Santa Clarita real estate terms, as buyers do, you will see my real estate websites hitting at the top of the “organic” search engine results pages.

    Photography for Santa Clarita real estate takes a good eye and better equipment. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photographing homes and real estate. I remember hearing about “lighting” when working a movie job1 many years ago.

    When you are ready for us to work for you in the selling of your Santa Clarita real estate, here is how you prepare for the photographer we will be sending to your home with you present.

    This is a list of how to prepare so the photo shoot will be at the highest level of completion possible. The pictures will then be taken, virtual tours built and used in all the various forms of advertising that we put together for each and every Santa Clarita listing we sell.

    Getting your home ready for a photo shoot

    Living Room

    • Declutter by putting away personal items like photos, magazines and newspapers.
    • Fluff Pillows on the sofa.
    • If you have a fireplace, make sure it is on and ready for the photographer.
    • Check to make sure all light bulbs are working.
    • Decorate with fresh flowers or plants.


    • Remove magnets and pictures from the refrigerator.
    • Clear Countertops as much as possible – use garage for overflow.
    • Remove towels from Countertops and stove handle.
    • Make sure the sink is free of dishes and sponge(s).
    • Remove dish soap, hand soap and lotion from the counter.
    • Make sure all light bulbs are working.
    • Decorate with fresh flowers or fruit bowl.


    • Have beds made with covers pulled tight and pillows either under comforter or fluffed nicely.
    • Clear dressers and night stands of clutter.
    • Make sure all light bulbs are working.


    • Remove all daily products from countertops.
    • If you have a glass shower, remove all products from inside of the shower.
    • Move towels from bathrooms, outside of decorative towels.
    • Lower lid on all toilet bowls.


    • Place your pets in a safe and comfortable area.
    • Remove all pet beds, toys and food / water bowls.
    • Make sure to clean doors and windows that dogs/pets have come in contact with.


    • Park cars and vehicles in the street away from your home and out of the driveway.
    • If you have children and or pets, remove all toys and small belongings.
    • Mow lawn and remove any weeds and leaves. Remove and replace all dead foliage.
    • Wind hose up.
    • Wipe down patio furniture.
    • Make sure pool and spa are free of debris.

    We take pride in every single home we sell. If you want top Santa Clarita real estate agent representation, reach out to me directly and we will serve and protect your real estate needs.

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    • – The asterisk section

    1 – Movie Jobs LAPD Motor Officers were able to purchase their own motorcycles that were retired police type cycles and work for the motion picture industry in Hollywood. Providing street clearance, set security and routinely used for “moving shots” which were required by most directors. We were generally hired by the Location Manager and they were quite fond of us. We were in full uniform with all the bells and whistles. I have great memories of working movie jobs for the motion picture industry.

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