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    More Santa Clarita real estate activity after the Government Shutdown

    Santa Clarita real estate newsIt wasn’t hard to see on our Main Santa Clarita real estate website, because I have everything plugged in, in order to monitor it.

    Google analytics is my most used resource.  in the week following the Government shutdown I noticed a 25% increase in those wanting to search for real estate and a 50% increase in visitors to our main website.

    We had a few “deals” in process that had some issues caused to them because of the Government shutdown.  One was with regard to verification of past tax returns and the other had to do with an actual Government Employee. Everything has been resolved – in those two cases, just extended.

    This year is our Typical Yearly Slow Time.  With the holidays coming up, most people just want to dig in for the winter.

    However, with some of the real estate sellers, this may be the best time to do some serious negotiation if you are a buyer in today’s market.

    We are going to be talking to Santa Clarita Divorce 661 owner Tim, who is going to give us intel on his local Santa Clarita business that serves the entire State of California.  We will be conducting this via Google Hangout and will have the show posted sometime today after it’s compiled.

    If you want to see the new listings that have just hit the local Santa Clarita Market for sale – here are the five most recent:

    [idx-listings linkid=”58600″ count=”5″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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