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    Santa Clarita property management and leasing companies, Can’t we all just get along :)

    All I asked for was a “non complete” or “promise” that if I refered the owner of a property, to have it managed with a Leasing/Property management company that also represents buyers and sellers, that client would be returned to me if they ever wanted to sell that home.  There was another thing that I had asked for.  That was if I refered a person that wanted to rent or lease a property, if that person wanted to buy in the future, they would also be returned to me so I could represent them.  On both accounts – I just heard “crickets” 🙂

    Santa Clarita leasing and rentingFair or Not?  I suppose there maybe altertior motives at play.  I want to keep my clients as my clients.  I don’t want to refer them to others that may manipulate them into a buying or selling decision when they only wanted to find a rental or to have their propery managed.  I am sure the “owners of a property to be managed” want to get a Renter/Tenant in short order.  They don’t want to have tenants or leasers held back, purposely, in order to get them to sell the property when they only wanted it managed and occupied.

    The Same goes for Renters and Leasers – I am sure if they thought that buying was the best thing they could do, they’d do it.  However, to have them “manipulated into a buying decision” by changing or limiting the ‘available’ properites for rent or lease – that is just wrong.

    Not all leasing, rental or property management companies are like this.  However, there are some that do.  Trust your chosen real estate professional.  That agent that you used and that you like.  Ask them who you should be working with.  It’s all about reputation and they will know who you should hitch your trailer to and who you should stay away from.

    What if you don’t have a “Chosen Real Estate Professional”? All you have to do is to make sure you are well represented by someone that has an ethical backbone.  In fact, you just need to do some Googling and to see what those, that you want to be represented by, are writing.

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    You can also check our “how to keep safe when wanting to rent” resource video.



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