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    I know that Yelp is a double-edged sword. It can cut both ways. I also know that sometimes on Yelp haters appear and post reviews that are not true. I also know that most people don’t say “good” but are very willing to share “bad” experiences.

    To get the Best Santa Clarita – Valencia pool servicer’s number I’m touting about – go to the bottom!

    I suppose that is why newspapers with blood and gore stories sell more copies.

    The prancing pony eating cotton candy while sliding down a rainbow story gets very little airtime.

    We went on vacation with the fam and upon returning I noticed the pool was a bit greener than usual. I figured that with the higher temperatures that maybe algae grows faster than the pool person could keep up?

    BTW, notice how much busier you get when you leave on vacation? You don’t even have to tell anyone, just go somewhere to unplug 1/2 way and the phone starts ringing. I’m thanking God 20 hours after we left I have boots on the ground agents ready and willing to take care of my real estate clients while we are not in pocket.

    Stuff like showing homes and doing video walkthroughs for my home sellers so I can give the best intel while away.

    That was not true – in fact, this pool guy informed me he was quitting when we returned. He said he will finish out the month and would be here the next two weeks and get the pool caught up.

    He never came back, but before the last cleaning, he wanted me to pay him by leaving a check outside where he could find it, the nerve… BTW, this post took me a few days. There has been no phone calls, no text messages nor any communication what so ever.

    Even as a cop for a ton of time, I still have faith in people. I think to myself something happened, something that caused them not to show up. In this case, something bad did happen. It’s called unethical.

    Another horrible experience was when interviewing the pool services of another supposed reputable pool servicing company in Santa Clarita Valley, I explained that I would speak with the boss(wife) and advise him.

    I also texted the same person and re-explained that I needed to speak with the wife(my boss). He was very pushy and I had it, I told him over the phone and by text, which he acknowledged, I would not be using his services.

    A couple of days later, one of the Ring cameras picks up movement, from my office I see this guy with my pool filter taken apart???

    I called him and asked what he was doing and he said cleaning the pool filter. I told him that I canceled him and he said I had not. Then I read his response to my cancellation text message and he said, whoops – must have gotten you confused with another customer of mine.

    “All You have to do is leave me $75 dollars for the filter cleaning and we will call it even…”  “What???”

    The next person came out a couple of days later. I observed that there was water on the ground under the pool equipment, which I had never seen before.

    This guy told me that my filter was leaking and had to be replaced. I nearly freaked out. He gave me an estimate to have the pool filter replaced and to service my pool.

    I felt that the pool filter replacement fee was hefty. I started to google the piece of equipment he was going to install and after buying it there was almost $2600 in labor.

    Thinking he’s not getting a good deal on the filter, I asked him to re-do the invoice showing labor/parts being split. Then this new guy said, “We don’t itemize any invoices, sorry.” Then that light bulb went on for me.

    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service

    Look at the water leaking.  Amazing Pool Service Job by someone who was never hired in the first place!

    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service


    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service

    This play pool is green with envy algae.

    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service


    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service

    I wish I could tell you that this color is a result of the bottom being blue – it’s not, it’s neglect by the Santa Clarita Pool Servicer we had hired and who neglected the pool.

    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service


    Best Santa Clarita Pool Service

    Ivan – the final interview – AWESOME – very happy with his services thus far. He said what he’d do and did it. He said he would be doing such and such, and he did. He gave me prices for fixing certain items, which he demonstrated needed replacement. There was either a cost advantage of something where there was a safety concern. Ivan felt right and has been excellent.

    Ivan and Santa Clarita Valley Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services has 5 Stars on Google Reviews 20+!

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