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    Santa Clarita Market Updates just completed – Inventory Down and Prices Too

    The inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley – the actual For Sale Inventory – has declined across the SCV.  We have just polished off our Santa Clarita real estate market updates for each of the cities in the SCV and there much to talk about.

    The Paris911 from REMAX Video above shows how to access the market updates and individual reports by PDF for each of the Cities in the SCV.  It also shows that we break down our market updates into separate reports for Condo’s/Town-homes and Single Family Residences.Santa Clarita real estate intelligence

    Some big changes to the Real Estate inventory is going to come the way of FHA loosening it’s grasp on lending money to FHA buyers for Condo’s and Town-homes.  They are going to stop being so strict.  Last year, around September/November of 2011, we watched as FHA buyers were out in droves, Most of the town homes and condo’s in the Santa Clarita Valley expired from being FHA certified.  We also observed several complexes that had their FHA finance-ability revoked.

    Now, FHA is going to relax their position with regard to “minimum requirements”.  They are going to not be so strict on occupancy by owner factors amongst other things that now would prohibit a 3.5% down buyer to purchase a SCV condo or town-home using an FHA loan.

    The market updates for the Santa Clarita valley keep us on our “lacking inventory” trend.  However the twist comes in when we watch the home prices – they have reduced from the time we last reported on the Home Prices in the Santa Clarita Cities.  Interesting Twist – Yes?

    click here for the Condo/Town-home reports

    Here are the Market Updates for the Single Family Residences

    Check out our Pricing Charts – Updated weekly.  You will be able to view each city’s pricing table, adjust the graph all the way back to 2007 to see how how the housing market in the Santa Clarita valley has fluxed.

    Great Intel to have – you can also Gain access to our Inventory Reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities – they are also “flash graph” driven so you can do your adjustments across years of time.  Be Safe – reach out to us when you are ready so we can have you into our REMAX of Santa Clarita Offices of the Paris911 Team to start development of your Real Estate game plan.

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