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    Santa Clarita Loan Modifications

    Be careful of who you hire, if you choose to do so, to handle your Santa Clarita Loan Modification.

    Get references and get several of their current and recently “helped” clients that you can call personally.

    You want to ask them these four Loan Modification questions:

    • How much did it cost you to do your loan Modification with “Company X”?
    • How long did it take to complete your loan Modification?
    • What was your Loan like before the Loan Modification was initiated?
    • What was the outcome of your Loan Modification when the “Loan Mod Entity” was finished?
    Some of the nuiances of a successful Loan Modification are communication, note taking and follow up.  With these three tenants in mind you can successfully get a Loan Modification started on your own.
    This DIY(do it yourself) philosophy has served our Real Estate Clients well.  

    scv loan mods

    To start this you are going to need a few things:
    1. Go the Store, Walmart or Target and get a “composition notebook”.  Write on the Front Cover Loan Modification Notes.
    2. Then start writing down who  your Loans are With – Do you have a 1st and a 2nd loan?  Write down the banks, account numbers, phone numbers.  Do your first (larger loan) on the first page.  About 1/2 way through the notebook, “pig ear” the page and write down the information from your 2nd loan(if you have one).
    3. In the margin – Start with the Date and Time you make your calls.  Then take copious notes.
    4. Get names of everyone you speak with (including the receptionist if they have one), which department they work for, employee numbers, direct lines and e-mail addresses(if they will give them out).
    5. You also want to know who you can call that will have access to your Loan Modification file if the person you are speaking to is not at work.
    6. Find out who their Superior is.  Who do they call to wake up in the middle of the night when something bad happens.. Etc.(this is a cop thing – if they won’t give out the name of their supervisor – that’s fine)
    7. Call back and talk to someone else – write down their name, ask the questions that are contained within the 4th bullet point.  Then cross check the information you were given during the first call.  Just to make sure you were not being given “lip service”.
    In Loan Modifications, at least at the beginning, nice is the best way.  You want to make sure you are fulfilling all of the parts of the Loan Modification process with your particular lender.  Ask them is there are any “on line” explanations to the Loan Modification process as well.  Most of the larger banks have these pages specifically placed on their Websites.  Digest everything about the Loan Modification process so you can quote “chapter and verse”.
    I know it sounds like a lot, but you are asking for your bank to change your loan without having Equity.  Play their game, get names of everyone you speak with and use those names, dates and times when contacting others at the bank to check in your Loan Mod status.
    I remember a quote that my dear departed dad used to say, “Son, the squeaky wheel gets the grease…”  You don’t have to be angry or upset.  Just get what you ultimately want by Diligence and perseverance.
    Final:  Do we do Loan Modification?  Absolutely Not.  We do have some connections within the Legal Community.  We also know a thing or two about the “banks” loan modification process.  We can help guide you as we have with this Santa Clarita Loan Modification Blog Post.  Give us a call or send us an email if you want us to guide you in more detail.
    We have also fashioned a “Santa Clarita Loan Modification” form below – Fill it out if you desire and we will contact you.Santa Clarita loan modifications
    If you have friends or family that are in a Pickle with their Mortgage – Let them know they can go to our Paris911.com website and type in the words    –    Loan Modifications     – Into the MacBOX and they will get this information.  You can also share below and it would be very much appreciated – Thanks!
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