Santa Clarita housing market updates for the week of December 16, 2013

    Market Research for Santa Clarita CA CitiesMarket Reports Completed

    We have just completed our market data drive for the Single Family Residences and the Condos/Townhomes for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.

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    SCV Cities and Beverly Hills

    Each of these reports is going to cover in detail the Santa Clarita valley housing markets.  We also have the data included for Beverly Hills where our Paris911 Team is considered the “outsiders”.

    Sometimes people don’t want to work with a local agent. That does not apply much within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, where our REMAX of Valencia CA Team is located.  However, when speaking about a “high brow” community such as Beverly Hills, some want to keep off of the radar when it comes to selling and purchasing there.

    The drive alone in an attempt to “swoop down” and “gather intel” from one of my staff is not ‘simple’ when those reporters are coming from Beverly Hills or Hollywood CA.

    Santa Clarita Housing Market

    Watching the local Santa Clarita valley markets reveals a consistent drive toward rises in housing prices due to the lack of demand.

    Couple that with the relaxation of interest rates and you have a great time to buy if your real estate agent is able to find you a home to purchase.


    Acton California this week, with regard to Single Family Homes is reporting a flat trend with regard to real estate numbers.  Tapping out at $457,500 with regard to median list price. This is the same we reported upon last week. We have also noted a Days on Market increase for the real estate in Acton California, it’s taking longer for homes to sell.

    Canyon Country

    Canyon Country CA this week is reporting a “rise in listing prices” trend across all of the zip codes therein. This is not a shock due to the lacking inventory in Canyon Country CA.  Days on Market is flat this week as compared with the previous week.


    Castaic California, this week is reporting an increase in Median Listing prices as well. The asking price per square foot is down, meaning you are going to get more Square footage for your money in Castaic California.


    For Newhall CA single family homes, we are seeing an upward price trend for Median List Prices in all of Newhall CA. With the asking price per square foot being flat, this week compared with last week, and the increase in the time it takes to sell, a true lack in “saleable” inventory exists in Acton CA.

    Santa Clarita

    Santa Clarita CA proper – the city that is composed of 6 other cities, is reporting in with some new areas that are now included within “Santa Clarita CA”.  I preface this part of the housing market report, because Santa Clarita CA was never a choice when it came to one of the Santa Clarita Valley agents when entering properties in our local Board of Realtors. However, there has been some changes with regard to what real estate is located where and Santa Clarita being a choice, is one of them. There is a flat price trend in Santa Clarita CA proper this week compared with last week.  We have a Flat price trend with regard to Asking price per square foot as well tapping out at $212.00. The average Days on Market figures have also increased, up to 70 days on average this week.

    Stevenson Ranch

    Stevenson Ranch California, some would consider SR and Valencia the crown jewels of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We sell real estate and represent sellers in all of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we love all of the cities equally and have friends and client in each. Stevenson Ranch this week is feeling the strain of not having enough homes to sell for the buyer demand.  This is resulting in an increase in median listing price to the $800k figure this week.  We have also seen that we have a flat trend in price per square foot in the Ranch.  Days on Market is also a wash this week as compared with last week for Stevenson Ranch CA reporting in at 78 DOM.


    Valencia CA real estate is experiencing an upward median listing price trend as well. We are seeing the figures reporting in at $599,800 this week with is an increase over last week in Valencia. We also see the asking price per square foot being reduced – therefore your money is going to go farther with regard to home size than before.  This number is down to $244 per square foot in Valencia CA. The days on market trends for Valencia CA is flat at 61 this week.  The lacking inventory coupled with high demand for Valencia CA is causing some of the local Realtors to “over promise” and “underdeliver” when it comes to their real estate sellers. Just make sure you are speaking with someone that is showing you “real numbers” and not promising you “fake intel” in order to get you to sign with them on the dotted line.

    PDF reports are below for SCV and BH intel

    Below are the market reports in PDF form for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We have the reports broken down into condo and townhome reports – then we have the Single Family Residences reports.

    Each of the reports can be viewed, downloaded and shared with those in your sphere of influence.  We would be honored.

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