Santa Clarita homes for sale by owner

    Some of the homes that are for sale cut out real estate agents altogether, in some cases the For Sale by owner homes that are being advertised are hoping that a real estate agent will bring their client and handle all of the paperwork for the transaction at a massive discount to the home seller.

    What I have done here, besides showing you how you can find the Santa Clarita homes for sale by owner, is why a for sale by owner home is created. Most times it is because the homeowner has had a bad experience with real estate agents.

    There are plenty of real estate agents that have created this reputation for the rest of us. A reputation that the good agents are always working hard to show they are not a part of that type of real estate business.

    Here are some of the top reasons why a home is going to be sold as an FSBO – For Sale By Owner.

    A bad first impression

    Most people would not move forward after having a bad first impression from a real estate agent. However, some people are referred to real estate agents by friends and family. Therefore, they may stick it out a bit longer than other’s would. Having said this, most times our first impressions are accurate as to how future dealing will unfold. Give yourself some credit and honor your thoughts.

    I have felt this feeling all too often and I trust myself in the picking up of nonverbal signals,

    No effort in getting to know you

    I know I have felt as if I was just another number. Another notch in the service provider’s gun stock. I have felt this way when buying certain things or getting particular counseling for financial services. Especially when the service provider sees that I’m not going to be buying now and that I’m going to be holding off until another time in the future.

    Personally, I don’t care when a real estate client is buying or selling. I care about developing a good relationship with them so I can provide them with access to my knowledge and experience. If someone tells me they aren’t going to be buying for five years or selling until they retire 5+ years in the future, you can bet I’m going to be treating them like the home buyer and home seller who wants to get it done now.

    They don’t listen to your needs/wants

    It’s kind of like my kids who are plugged in all the time. When you are trying to conduct a very important talk, at least important for you, they seem detached while they respond to detractors on their phone. Of course, I tell them to shut it down and pay attention, that is something that I would not try with a service provider who was detached from my wants and needs.

    I’d just move along to another service provider who is going to pay attention to me and help me achieve my goals.

    Having a detached attitude like some treat their spouses after being married 30+ years, is not what a person wants when wanting to hire a service provider.

    Inexperienced related to your price range

    While some real estate agents are great selling in a particular price range, trying to move into the Platinum Tri-Angle maybe above their pay grade.

    It takes someone who is familiar with million dollar price ranges versus selling $200,000 condos. There is a lot to consider when buying a home that is more than what will come about by a typical appraisal standard.

    Ask your agent how many homes they have sold that are within your price range. If they give you a blank look, it may be in your best interest to move along.

    BTW – the “platinum triangle” refers to the geographical triangle created on a map of Holmby Hills, Bel Air and Beverly Hills California.

    Not responsive

    You reach out and all you hear in return are crickets. Maybe the agent you selected is too busy for you? Maybe the real estate agent you hired has too many pokers in the fire? It could be that they have too much going on in their life, like having a job, another employer besides you. Some agents are “part-time” they have a job elsewhere and are trying to “break into” real estate. When we first started in the business, I was part-time, but we had a full-time end to our business, that was Paris.

    You deserve much better. You deserve to be treated like you are the most important person by your real estate agent. In some cases, people are treated like commodities and passed to other agents within the real estate team concept. That is not proper. When you started with one agent and you are traded to another, that is not right.

    Your real estate agent should be responsive. Understanding they are going to be working with other clients, they should have explained to you their process of balance and their business availability model.

    Not proactive

    There was a commercial about a rotisserie oven that came out years ago. The concept was “set it and forget it”. Too many real estate agents have this same philosophy applied to their own business related to their clients. Just set them on a search and let it happen. Instead of being proactive in their client’s real estate search, they leave it up to the client.

    On the home seller side, to only have the sales agent you hired place your home into the MLS and let it propagate to the other online channels, that is not working for you nor is that being proactive.

    There are tons of real estate agents in the world. There are some that will have their clients best interests at heart. There are others to whom their clients are just another number to them. When you are ready, make sure we are part of your interview process. I’m Connor MacIvor, google me to see what I have to offer. BE well and let me know when you are ready for my help with your Real Estate needs.

    Part 2: Santa Clarita for sale by owner – the why

    I am continuing my two-part dissertation about why someone would want to sell their home themselves. Of course, mostly this is common sense, but it is nice to have it presented by one who is in the business of real estate. One that has the view of him being in a relational business and not one of the numbers of clients they are turning over.

    Family or friends

    Most of our clients become friends after going through a real estate transaction. We spend so much time with them, it is hard for it not to turn out that way.

    However, we have very few “friends/family” whom we have represented. Acquaintances, of course. Lifelong friends or those whom you have been intimate with, probably not a good idea on either front.

    When things go sideways, it’s hard to recover a friendship or meet up and the next family event.

    OMT – this can also bite the other way. We are human. When we have family members that are not wanting to use us to sell their real estate – that can be a bitter pill to swallow. The same goes for family and friends that are wanting to buy real estate when they don’t include us in the decision-making process – that too hurts.

    What do you do? What is the best course of action? Tell your friend/family realtor what you are going to do. Give them a chance to tell you how they can help you accomplish your goals. Remind them in writing that if things go wrong in the “business relationship”, both parties are going to have to be big enough to accept the outcome.

    Inflexible Schedule

    When you want to go look at homes, sometimes your real estate agent is not available. You find that out and then start calling on the homes you wanted to view in person, you are calling on the actual listing agent. This can create a problem for you, if I show one of my listings to a home buyer, I expect to write the offer.

    Most agents are great at scheduling their clients and most agents cannot be two places at once.

    We always want to be “that advisor” for our friends and family. We will be grownup about their decisions and always put the shoe on the other foot. If we have a family member who’s a stockbroker, would I give them my money to invest for me?  If it were my brother in law – Rich (God rest his soul), NEVER!!!

    Questions go unanswered

    I Journal. I write down my client’s conversations so I don’t make mistakes and get all of their answers answered. It’s important if a client makes a comment about some real estate topic, off of the cuff, I will always provide for them the answer and then verification of the answer.

    For example, in the discussion about new Santa Clarita homes, what homes are being built off of Plum Canyon in Santa Clarita, I will tell them there are now two active home builders. KB, and Toll Brothers. Later, after I get back to my office, I then ‘prove’ it to my client. Not that they doubt my word, however – this step further verifies that I am one of those upfront an honest types in the Real Estate business.

    If your real estate agent is not giving you the answers to the questions you are directly answering, then call it to their attention.

    If they continue to ignore you and your questions, then ditch them.

    Questions are home buyers and sellers right. You have the absolute right to ask questions about the biggest investment you are going to make or sell. You also have an absolute right to have your real estate experience fulfilled properly.

    Not a homeowner

    Here is something I find curious. Someone selling real estate, representing buyers and sellers, who had never bought or sold a home themselves. Kind of like the car salesperson that does not drive the brand they are selling.

    There are those who are representing buyers and sellers of real estate who have never owned a home. We got into the business as a result of a horrible experience with our real estate agent when we bought our first home.

    Also, ask your agent where they live. Maybe let them drive you by their home when they are showing you properties. That could be an important indicator of their success and how they will be your best choice when it comes to them representing you buying or selling your home.

    Overpaying okay

    This one may strike you as strange. Why would a real estate agent every express to their client to “overpay” for a home and how would you know? There are various reasons for this, one being greed. The second one is if the buyer is not paying in cash, waiving the appraisal contingency, this is hard to do in the current state of the Santa Clarita real estate market.

    However, this is a good indicator of who your agent is. They should be producing for you comps on the homes and properties you have an interest in. They should take 180 days of history and provide you like homes that have sold nearby before you give up what you want to offer on the home you like.

    Some agents assume you will be offering sticker price on a home or the listing price. That is not always the case and should never be assured by your own real estate professional.

    There are many factors to consider when buying real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, the amount being offered is only one and maybe the most important.

    If your agent says that you should overpay – the writing is on the wall with regard to whether or not you should be working with them.

    If they give a reason why you should offer more, then they should have a good reason. Maybe like there is a lot of competition in this home and the comps support a much higher price. If they can show you this, maybe offering more than the list price would be acceptable. Overpaying for a home never is.

    Bad feeling

    For a home seller to want to sell their home as a For sale by owner property, they must have had a super bad falling out between themselves and a real estate agent. It was so bad, in fact, they are willing to take a massive loss on the sale of their home.

    There are several studies that show when a home is backed by a real estate brokerage and agent with the listing, the home sells for a lot more money than if a home seller does it themselves.

    However, if you have a bad feeling about the agent you hired, and you did not get this feeling before during the interview and the time in which you signed contracts, fire them.

    Before you get to that point, I’d as how the “contacts” can get canceled. They should respond they can cancel any contract as long as you are not in contact with a home buyer. If they need “management” approval, you may want to inquire how hard is that for them to get if you insist on the contract being canceled.

    If they answer it’s easy and they can do it immediately, you are going to want to get that in writing. It makes everyone a bit more honest.

    I’m here when you are ready for me to approach a For Sale by Owner home for you that is being advertised online. I have represented a lot of home buyers that are wanting to buy a home that is being sold by the owner in Santa Clarita and Elsewhere in Southern California. I have a specific way of approaching these homeowners and negotiating on behalf of my clients.

    I don’t go in blind or unprepared. I go loaded for bear when I’m speaking with the For sale by Owner. I bring comps, complete buyer profiles, approval letters and other documentation showing that I’m going to be on my buyer’s side 100% and protect them from any ills that can befall them when approaching a property where the seller refuses to hire a licensed and bonded real estate brokerage to represent them.

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