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    Santa Clarita home safety – Get Timers for your Lighting

    Bad guys and bad girls – love the dark.  In fact, they don’t like light from any source.  It seems to the criminal element – darkness is much more than a color of heart. 🙂Home Safety in Santa Clarita

    That is why it is important to get some timers on your home lighting.  Keep the inside and exterior lighting on timers and have them changed often to keep those that may be “casing” your residence on the alert.  A Bad guy, wants the easy road.  If it comes down between a home that appears to be cared for and lived in – versus one that appears to be abandoned and vacant – they want the easier target for sure.

    Have a watch of our latest video – talking about exterior lighting – get to home depot, lowes or other home improvement stores – get some timers and plug away!!!

    You can view all of our Santa Clarita home safety video’s and posts by clicking on the link below.  You can also follow the instruction to our MacBoX resources – by heading over to our Main Santa Clarita website at paris911 dot com and typing the words “home safety” into the macbox.

    Remember if you want to view all of our Home Safety Tips – click here.

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