Santa Clarita foreclosure updates and Santa Clarita Tenant Notifications

    Below, within this latest Foreclosure intel you will find the newest foreclosure alerts for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  Every so often, we get a tenant that contacts my team and I to inquire as to why the property they have rented is showing up on our Foreclosure blog for the Santa Clarita Cities.

    Santa Clarita foreclosuresearchI imagine that we’d have a lot more inquires if we published the data from the other adjoining cities such as Granada Hills, Northridge, Sylmar and North Hollywood.  But we don’t – we only have those cities Foreclosure Intel available upon request – but we can get it.

    Yesterday a fella named Stan Called.  I answered the phone, “Thanks for calling REMAX’s Paris911 Team, How may I help you?”  The male caller, later to be identified as Stan, responded, “Yeah, I found the home I’m renting by googling it’s address on your website, can you tell me what that’s about?”

    First I had to identify which website, so I asked, “What website?”  He responded, “the Santa Clarita real estate dot paris911 dot com site…”

    I then asked, “How are you seeing the home you have rented – it is a link or only text and is there a title over where it is appearing on my site?”

    Stan took a moment then said, “Yeah, it seems to be under the Pre-Foreclosure heading.”

    I explained that the property he was renting had a notice of default filed on it.  Which typically meant that the owner of the property had not made their Mortgage Payment for a period of 90 days or more.  I asked Stan why he googled his address, apparently out of the blue.

    He explained that his googleing of his address was not so much “out of the blue”.  He was googleing because he had started to get notices of certified letters showing up in his mail box addressed to the owner of the property.  He also commented that he has a friend at work that this same thing happened to and that his friend found the home he was renting on my site 🙂 – I smiled from ear to ear while on the phone.

    I gave him his next steps and other options related to the property he is renting.  He will be fine now that he is armed with knowledge.

    BTW – I also informed Stan to advise the owner of his newly acquired knowledge and to have them contact me.  We may be able to work with the owner and the renter with regard to us Negotiating the home as a short sale.  This has to be done delicately and agreed upon by all parties.

    Have a look at the listings below, if you are a real estate investor feel free to inquire to my Santa Clarita Paris911 Realty Team when you need our help with anything.

    How this works – fill out our “find me a foreclosure form” below this Santa Clarita foreclosure alert update.  We will then contact you so we can start our hunting that includes the Pre foreclosures via the notice of default filings in the Santa Clarita Cities.

    We can also apply your search outside of the SCV – you just need to let us know what you are looking for and where.

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Pre-Foreclosure Alert for Santa Clarita Valley CA, found a match.

    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Preforeclosure 507702908 27257 STERLING GROVE LN CANYON COUNTRY 91387 CA CND 2348 4 3.00 04/17/2013 $388,322.00 $607,009.00

    Preforeclosure 505258397 20229 LAKEMORE DR CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA SFR 1950 5 3.00 04/18/2013 $300,143.00 $615,049.00

    Preforeclosure 23784963 20100 PATRICIA PL SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 2272 4 3.00 04/18/2013 $401,088.00 $215,925.00

    Preforeclosure 512671017 23990 AVENIDA ENTRANA VALENCIA 91355 CA SFR 1429 3 2.00 04/16/2013 $310,931.00 $394,180.00

    Preforeclosure 638081 23814 VIA JACARA VALENCIA 91355 CA SFR 1463 3 2.00 04/19/2013 $352,746.00 $587,683.00

    Preforeclosure 505357856 26720 OAK CROSSING RD A NEWHALL 91321 CA CND 864 2 2.00 04/19/2013 $123,246.00 $111,212.00

    Preforeclosure 512669742 26661 WHIPPOORWILL PL CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA CND 1561 3 3.00 04/18/2013 $293,484.00 $428,534.00

    Preforeclosure 958099b 28616 CLOVERLEAF PL CASTAIC 91384 CA SFR 2115 3 3.00 04/18/2013 $333,985.00 $136,900.00

    Preforeclosure 520490818 28011 EAGLE PEAK AVE SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 1727 4 2.00 04/17/2013 $324,074.00 $382,804.00

    Preforeclosure 500603504 28341 SECO CANYON RD 107 SAUGUS 91390 CA CND 1059 2 3.00 04/18/2013 $221,898.00 $311,259.00

    Preforeclosure 517105233 27646 SUSAN BETH WAY C SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA CND 939 2 1.00 04/13/2013 $133,733.00 $239,517.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Sold to Third Alert for Santa Clarita Valley CA, found a match.

    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Sold to 3rd 512627558 20776 PLUM CANYON RD SAUGUS 91350 CA CND 834 2 1.00 12/27/2012 $112,143.00 $116,000.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Auction Alert for Santa Clarita Valley, found a match.

    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 517558561 27451 ACACIA DR SANTA CLARITA 91354 CA CND 1761 3 3.00 01/09/2013 $328,812.00 $347,644.00

    Auction 507637661 19939 DARLA CT SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA CND 1677 3 3.00 01/24/2013 $252,114.00 $46,682.00

    Auction 500582506 26065 SALINGER LN STEVENSON RANCH 91381 CA SFR 2616 4 4.00 01/08/2013 $538,896.00 $570,149.00

    Auction 157192 23520 NEWHALL AVE 4 SANTA CLARITA 91321 CA CND 1265 3 3.00 01/14/2013 $147,907.00 $279,474.00

    Auction 505299610 16717 SHINEDALE DR SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 2050 3 2.00 01/09/2013 $260,532.00 $376,888.00

    Auction 520347718 18223 SOLEDAD CANYON RD 2 SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 1098 2 3.00 01/17/2013 $140,667.00 $184,520.00

    Auction 509798431 22571 PARAGUAY DR SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 1376 4 2.00 01/11/2013 $285,914.00 $408,010.00

    Auction 512704988 27931 BERNINA AVE CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA SFR 1390 3 2.00 01/09/2013 $250,460.00 $434,959.00

    Auction 512704692 29522 POPPY MEADOW ST SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 1464 3 3.00 01/15/2013 $309,151.00 $545,777.00

    Auction 520358168 15818 CALLE EL CAPITAN SANTA CLARITA 91390 CA SFR 900 2 2.00 01/10/2013 $105,256.00 $240,097.00

    Auction 23984998 29716 SILVER ST CASTAIC 91384 CA SFR 784 1 1.00 01/14/2013 $97,080.00 $302,155.00

    Auction 291974 28227 SPRINGVALE LN CASTAIC 91384 CA SFR 2052 3 3.00 01/15/2013 $366,529.00 $635,404.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Santa Clarita Bank Owned Real Estate Alert, found a match.

    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Bank Owned 759351b 24069 BLACKER HOUSE CT SANTA CLARITA 91355 CA CND 1718 3 3.00 12/27/2012 $367,141.00 $272,500.00

    Bank Owned 505298694 23016 CERCA DR VALENCIA 91354 CA SFR 1620 3 2.00 12/27/2012 $330,949.00 $317,148.71

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