Santa Clarita Foreclosure Alerts – Why have the bank owned releases dried up

    Remember the term shadow inventory?  That was being thrown about, even by our Real Estate team, when we heard rumors from the Main Line media about HUGE foreclosure releases hitting the “for sale” market.

    Well, I should say, “We are still waiting”.  I am not sure it will transpire.  In fact, I’m seeing the majority of the bank owned inventory selling from bank to bank then at bulk sale to the big money folks.

    Short Sale Experts in Santa Clarita CAThat does not mean it could not happen.  That just means that it probably won’t happen.

    How about buying a Short Sale?

    Where does that leave you?  How about a short sale?  Short Sales are on sale real estate.  Let me tell you what I tell our clients during our Buyer’s Briefings when we are approached by someone that wants to buy Santa Clarita real estate.

    Short sales, if approved, are dependent on the bank approving the price.  They do this via an appraiser or real estate agent conducting a BPO – Broker Price Opinion.

    BPO’s cost much less.  BPO’s are dependent on the bank and the price point of the property being sold short.

    What is they are “investor owned” short sales?

    Did you hear that?  Some bank owned properties have investors involved.  Have you ever tried to get a group of people to agree on a single topic?  It’s Tough.

    That is where we see some of the investors with the banks.  It’s like a box full of cats.  They agree in very little.

    However, that is not a majority of the short sales that are populating the “for sale” Santa Clarita real estate market.

    Good for you – and good for our buyers.  Now – on with the show.

    What if the prices are different?

    What if the bank approves one price and your appraiser approves another?  That would typically be a lower price approved by your appriaser.

    Actually, it’s not “your” appraiser.  That appraiser works for the bank that is loaning you the money.

    That bank, the one loaning you the money, does not want to lose.  So their appraiser, knowing they are being watched, rarely up trend the value on a home being sold short.

    That is the benefit.  Talk with your Santa Clarita Realtor for more info about buying Short Sales.  If you don’t have one – Call us, we would be glad to interview for the job.

    Your New Foreclosures alert, 91601, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 45891301 5264 SATSUMA AVE 1 NORTH HOLLYWOOD 91601 CA CND 1910 3 2.00 02/22/2013 $359,594.00 $572,751.00

    Auction 708379b 5142 RIVERTON AVE NORTH HOLLYWOOD 91601 CA SFR 1628 3 2.00 02/25/2013 $557,660.00 $389,254.00

    Auction 44451104 5050 CAHUENGA BLVD NORTH HOLLYWOOD 91601 CA CND 1540 3 2.00 02/21/2013 $329,937.00 $565,538.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, All Santa Clarita Cities – NOD filings – Updated, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Preforeclosure 516970246 18015 SUNDOWNER WAY 645 SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 843 2 2.00 05/29/2013 $107,977.00 $262,240.00

    Preforeclosure 503618668 22816 15TH ST NEWHALL 91321 CA SFR 2355 6 3.00 05/31/2013 $341,780.00 $436,483.00

    Preforeclosure 500584599 28111 WINTERDALE DR SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA SFR 2478 4 4.00 05/29/2013 $364,845.00 $46,234.00

    Preforeclosure 509607229 24465 VALLE DEL ORO 101 SANTA CLARITA 91321 CA CND 943 2 2.00 05/30/2013 $154,223.00 $246,632.00

    Preforeclosure 517449926 26266 PARK VIEW RD VALENCIA 91355 CA CND 2834 3 3.00 06/01/2013 $638,508.00 $279,085.00

    Preforeclosure 40518569 19672 MATHILDE LN SANTA CLARITA 91350 CA SFR 3518 5 4.00 05/29/2013 $461,894.00 $465,300.00

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Sold to Third Alert for Santa Clarita Valley CA, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Sold to 3rd 505306133 28156 THORLEY CT CANYON COUNTRY 91351 CA SFR 1432 3 2.00 02/04/2013 $264,848.00 $280,000.01

    Your New Foreclosures alert, Paris911’s Auction Alert for Santa Clarita Valley, found a match.


    Stage Radar ID Street City Zip State Type Sq Ft Beds Baths Sale Date Est. Value Est. Bid

    Auction 24539087 26503 RAINBOW GLEN DR SANTA CLARITA 91351 CA CND 1806 4 3.00 02/21/2013 $402,864.00 $555,891.00

    Auction 517160773 27902 GOLD HILL DR CASTAIC 91384 CA SFR 1067 3 2.00 02/21/2013 $250,147.00 $432,567.00

    Auction 350426 25052 WHEELER RD NEWHALL 91321 CA SFR 2038 4 3.00 02/22/2013 $416,104.00 $623,053.00

    Auction 23806979 27944 TYLER LN 443 SANTA CLARITA 91387 CA CND 843 2 3.00 02/21/2013 $106,548.00 $357,218.00

    Auction 517303997 24452 MIRA VISTA ST SANTA CLARITA 91355 CA SFR 2859 4 3.00 02/21/2013 $539,864.00 $550,447.00


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