Santa Clarita Diet is doing Realtor Wrong

Santa Clarita diet showWelcome to our latest real estate radio show where we speak a bit more about the wonderful show “Santa Clarita Diet”.

Real-tor – Two syllable word – Realtor.

It’s not Real – a – tor. That would be a three syllable word with an additional vowel.

If you have not viewed Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix – do so, it’s wonderful.

How is the current inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities? Even lower today than it was in December of 2016 – which BTW, was a four year low.

468 real estate listings are in the active status within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Even with the higher interest rates, this is creating pressure on the home buyers in the current market.

Even with the higher interest rates, sellers are able to mandate a premium for the homes which the local Santa Clarita valley agents are selling.

Folks – this is the epitome of a seller’s real estate market.

Reach out to me when you are ready.

And if you are looking to “discover me” – I’m scared to death about the casting couch thing 🙂

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