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    Connor Realtor: 00:00 Did Everybody Have a Happy Valentine’s Day? I have to give the shout out to my much better half and let her know that I’m always thinking about are always in love with her. Twenty-seven years later, she’s still with me, still sticking by my side and making me the best version of myself. Happy Valentine’s Day and my love. You are absolutely a dream and still a dream. Today’s our Wednesday recap folks. We are on of course Thanksgiving Day. We did cover that. We’re going to go to SCV and that’s where we actually have our blog for Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles cities. All the information that you can barely stand about real estate when you are ready, definitely direct your friends and family there because that’s where everything kind of comes together on that system. You’ll also be able to see searching for real estate. You’ll be able to find all the foreclosure, all the data until for everything here in southern California and you’ll be able to see all the latest articles that I’ve written containing all that necessary information.

    Connor Realtor: 01:09 Of course for you, when you are ready to make that decision to get out there and potentially purchase a piece of real estate stv, we’re going to go into a Wednesday recap of sorts, giving you the information about some of the latest articles we’ve written over the last few days and kind of the highlight reel is I spoke about earlier now currently in this market and others here in southern California, very constrictive real estate inventory, so there is not much for sale as far as that goes. However, we’re going to see that loosening up here March, April, May, as is typical throughout the year. We see those months being some of the most activewear real estate listings. Enter the market for sale. That’s good Intel for you. Sellers as well. If you haven’t gotten a prep list for your home, things to look at, look at prior to putting it on the market for sale.

    Speaker 1: 02:02 Email me and I’ll be able to get you that list. Shoot me an email and put in there. You want the report about how to get your home prepared for sale. A lot of good tips in there, including potentially getting a pre-sale appraisal. That’s good. Intel, just-just to have that document. In addition to that, a pre-sale inspection, which is something the buyers going to be conducted while they’re in escrow. That way there are no big surprises. You’ll have somebody come into your house for a few hundred bucks. They’ll be able to check overall systems and make sure everything is correct. In addition, having that pest control person come out there as well to look and see if there’s any kind of termite damage or wood rot, something that could potentially become an issue.

    Speaker 1: 02:59 Now, here we are. I’m recording the show and it’s rainy here, beating off the window, so that’s exciting that we haven’t seen rain very often here, so we have a little bit of that this morning. The latest article, STV I’ll real estate should be an investment. Remember I artful. I came up with this acronym here because I’d. LAPD was all about acronyms, so I came up with this a few days ago and the eye is going to stand for improvements. What can you do to the property to make it more valuable? A, of course, it’s going to be the appraisal and you’re wanting to look at what this property is going to appraise for in the future and you do a simple math mathematical equation and you figure out where your value is going to be, you know, potentially in six months, then a year, potentially two years if everything stays the same, but he got t for tanks on my God.

    Connor Realtor: 03:56 What if the market takes, but if that needle goes down and you have a major reduction, are you prepared for that? Because real estate is, of course, sick, like right, it goes up, it comes down or peaks or valleys and then right now we’re kind of in that middle ground where we’re just floating along. No big increases, no big decreases because interest rates are still great and the other thing that’s keeping this market steady is the inventory. You start getting more inventory. We’ll start to see reductions in prices if we stay constricted, but more buyers come out, then we will see an increase. You updating us on updating and that’s where you potentially could look at your home and say, you know what, we have galvanized pipe and this home was built in the sixties. Why not we replumb with Pex that’s going to add value to the house.

    Connor Realtor: 04:47 When somebody comes in, they like to see that the systems in the home were paid attention to copper connections. All of those things. If in fact in your local area that’s a no, no, at least by today’s building standard, bringing those systems up to speed as well. That does help people give more money to these homes that potentially they would assist them that had been neglected or not even looked at over the years. These are very important things and of course one of the biggest things that really, really top the house off. I don’t know what you have in your garage. A lot of people don’t put their cars in their garage in southern California. They have all their overflow stuff out there, but if you could bring it upon yourself to have your garage and empty for a day or two. I have the connection for the epoxy guys from Evan.

    Connor Realtor: 05:41 Excellent job. These guys did something to look at for $2,000 investment, your return, but I’ve seen it more than 5,000, $10,000 just because it really tops it off and it gives that impression that really took care of the garage and of course if you’re doing it, you did luckily and for l the l stands for land of course. Is there any nearby land that might be able to benefit your property including city easements? Sometimes the city is very willing to let go of these particular easements that they have where they’re responsible for giving those to you, the homeowner, and then by doing that you might be able to utilize that land. At least capture some of it to expand your property. Something to look at is for red. If you want to rent it. If you want to run out that home, how much would it go for and then look at what type of tenant you might get and then also look at the money that you’ll have to invest in rent proof your house to make it safe to protect and keep your asset valuable for future?

    Connor Realtor: 06:45 You might look around your area. They’re going to be future developments going in. I know that here in Santa Clarita if you buy a house, let’s say a new construction of a plum canyon, those houses have several more phases to go through. I talked to one of the KB ladies in there somewhere between seven and 10 more and there could be even more than that because they’re negotiating to buy more land. If there’s something like that, look at the houses that they’re building and they put it in a mobile home park. Are they putting in half Acre estates? Half Acre states. You’re going to do a lot more for your potential property purchase. That particular home that’s nearby. Then a mobile home park would, no offense, mobile home park, just a different type of housing and again, something to look at, so you got improvements of praise, rent tanks, future updating land I artful, I did put that up.

    Connor Realtor: 07:38 You’ll be able to search for that. That’s my thing and that’s how we approached properties. We teach our buyers and sellers the same thing. They can also reverse that, turn that back around on themselves and show those potential buyers what kind of home they’re going to be buying by giving them positive information regarding what we just talked about that even being honest and transparent about any of the negative answers that might come up with regard to their home and as far as them selling it, good for buyers to know. Latest article was written, we also talked about new home builders. That can be a huge indication of real estate market health. These folks have tank think tanks and very, very educated people that are watching the economy in conjunction with a market and they’re the ones that are pulling the levers, making new homes either being built in three phases.

    Connor Realtor: 08:37 Right, so you have houses that are already built, buyers are coming in, buying your build to own than have standing inventory, not going anywhere because it’s slowing and they’re getting prepared to not build anymore. You want to see where those new housing phases are. That gives you a great indication as far as the real market. The resale market goes something to consider whenever you’re getting prepared to purchase real estate, what’s going on in the new housing centers and here’s another tidbit of information. The builder, they have their own real estate representative. You walk in there, you see the people, they are the ones representing the builder. You should have your own as well and the only way to make that happen is by you not signing anything with a new home builder. If you go in there on your own play secret squirrel and do not give up any personal information.

    New Santa Clarita Homes and More Areas

    Connor Realtor: 09:30 Play that mole, that undercover agent and just walk through like you’re a secret shopper and walked through of they ask you to register a push it again. Yeah. There’s nobody telling you-you got to, you know, be upfront and say who you are, put down your Connor macgyver and macgyver for your spouse or Connor macgyver and rob macgyver, or you know, Paris and my driver and Cindy macgyver at whatever it may be. Put that information down so when you are ready and you want your agent to come in with the registry, you to be on your side to be allowed into the transaction, you can do that very easily because you haven’t registered. So now Connor, MCI ever go in there, says, OK, Connor’s my agent at the same time with you. And then we go look at the models. We start talking about negotiation power.

    Connor Realtor: 10:14 Most recently, $25,000 discount with our most recent clients at a new housing center here in Santa Clarita Valley. The one before that was 15 and on the face, they only wanted to offer five. I got them up 10 more. These are real discounts in the purchase price, not add-ons or any kind of improvements because you actually don’t get the real money out of those. They’re getting those that are discount, they’re charging you a little bit extra than what they actually paid, including labor, so they’re going above and beyond getting that cash discount. If they’re offering the property for 7:15, you able to get $15,000 off thereby you have that you’re. You’re paying $700,000 for the property with all the stuff that was included. That’s a better position for you to be in, but we negotiate that when you’re ready. I was tagging along. If you want to see what current houses are out there as CV, forward slash news, c [inaudible], new couple things you’ll see there.

    Connor Realtor: 11:23 You’ll see an interactive map, a little orange circles on it. That’s going to be all of the new housing here in southern California and you’ll be able to move that map around, so if you are interested in Palmdale, you just say, Hey, I want to see a new housing trust Palmdale Lancaster. I will take you. I will take you around this valley. That valley, the San Fernando Valley, anywhere, Covina, Corona, whatever you’re looking for as far as new housing goes, I have no problem doing the tour with you, so I’m here to register you from the very beginning. Speak with the new housing representatives and on your team 100 percent. Another thing that we wrote about We have a tip out there for those online systems for finding the best real estate agents are not in our market. I covered how a lot of those reviews systems work.

    Connor Realtor: 12:16 Giving you an idea of what you should be looking for when it comes to the best agents as far as communication, skill and networking ability. Those agents are going to be the best to provide for you. Everything you’re looking for with regard to purchasing the residential real estate and if you were in our market, I would say, come see my folks. You’ll be so happy, but a lot of you are not. Also, if you’re looking for agents outside of our market area, just because you don’t live anywhere close to us, reach out to me because I have a very expansive network of real estate agents that I’ve referred to in the past and I trust them because they’ve taken great care of our clients to this point, but like I always say, I can vouch for people a little bit, but the ultimate proof is going to be how they treat you and if they do a great job, I always get that feedback and if they do a horrible job, we always find another agent and they get fired someday to consider each out.

    Connor Realtor: 13:19 Tome. I’d be more than happy to run that interference for you. I put up the wrong and right way to buy real estate. How do you know if you’re paying more than you should be? And then we also have two things that have come up this last week. Home search by Zip Code, which you can do at [inaudible], and then searching for real estate by that street name. You know, you drive in and you’ve got traffic backed up behind you and you’re going down Balboa and you see that house, that house just captures you. It’s like, you know, the light of God is shining on it, but the traffic’s moving way too fast and you’ve got to get your kid to ballet or whatever it is, and it’s like, ah, I missed it. It’s on Bob Scott to be around the 8,000 block, but I don’t know.

    Connor Realtor: 14:05 That’s easy. Suv and that style of calm start punching in Balboa, the system’s intuitive. That’ll pop up Balboa Boulevard and then you’ll be able to do your adjustments and you’ll see all of the current active listings on Balboa and then you pick out that a hundred blocks. There it is a thousand Baobella. Oh, that’s a good price. I’ll call Connor are all just flagging through the website. Say, Hey, when can you show me this and give me the details and I’d be happy to. I’ve caught a Macgyver. Thank you for listening to our Wednesdays broadcast. Very commonly when we used to do a foreclosure broadcast, it was done Hump Day Wednesday. That was how the radio show was formatted if you want, and I’m kind of curious as well. I’m going to punch in for closures into the main search bar here and it’s going to pop up feature foreclosure Banco, and I’m going to click on that.

    Connor Realtor: 15:05 I want to see currently how many we have. This is all the southern California 1:36, 136 foreclosure properties currently for sale. These are bank foreclosures. We have a 1080 foot in midtown Los Angeles for a million 50 Stevenson ranch, three bedrooms, three baths for eight. 15. Seems a little high. Twenty 500 square feet of Valley Glen, three plus two [inaudible] there in the valley and Van Nuys, 5:20. Not Bad. Ventura, wells east been over their single family ranch style. Five 30. That’s also a foreclosure north Hollywood for 17. I have to see exactly where that’s located before I can give an opinion that Simi valley been there. A 3:50 for three plus three. Not Bad sky born desert, hot springs. Not familiar with the market. South Inglewood been there [inaudible], believe it or not, the south end to Los Angeles that uh, that area is pot. Those properties on the market and they go very, very quickly.

    Connor Realtor: 16:10 Monosito, he got Northridge. Here’s Northridge, 7:55 plus three. That sounds good. That sounds good. Porter ranch seven 94, four plus three have to see the positioning of that property where it is regarding all those gas issues they had, but that gives you an idea. Those are the foreclosures. One of the things that you should always look at before approaching any of the bank-owned property, kind of get an idea as to if they’re worth it or not, simply find out the value and I would recommend going through some on local such as myself and having to pull a fully competitive market analysis and it takes us because they do it so often. Takes us just a few minutes and I’ll be able to get you that value. What I think the property is worth, at least on face value, looking at it by square footage and the pictures that they put together if in fact, they are accurate, but that’ll give you a great starting point and in addition for closures aren’t necessarily aren’t necessarily discounted properties.

    Connor Realtor: 17:08 This is going to depend on ownership. The bigger corporation, the better the potential discount, but also these banks votes. They have advisors as we with City Bank for a long time, city group helping them with the sale of their foreclosures. We were looking at these properties and we were the ones going back to the bank stating this is what this property would sell for. However, there was a mathematical formula that was used to make it really, really simple. We took how the market was currently going. If it happened to be increasing the last three months, we would find out by a factor of what and we would add that number to the thing that they wanted us to sell. So he would do a 90 day in the future estimate of value. When we did that, that property actually was listed for higher than it was worth at that present time, so we did three months in the future because real estate is increasing not at a super fast pace, but they’re also factoring that in.

    Connor Realtor: 18:11 Are there some cases where that bank is going to do their advisor a lot more if they give them a higher number, potentially use them more often. Could be, could be. That’s the human element involved, but a lot of ties. The banks understand that if agents are competing for this bit, their business just like a normal seller, sometimes they just been the truth and that’s not right. That’s why getting everything factually, knowing what you’re looking at and having the documentation explained to you is incredibly important. I’ve caught him a diver. That’s a little bit of a foreclosure recap as well. Happy Valentines this week to my wife, Paris and my covers. I’m honored to be your old man. We’re going to talk to you soon folks. When you’re ready, reach out to me and we’ll be happy to assist you in the best way possible with regard to all of your real estate needs. Thanks for checking out Scvu blog, [inaudible], little intel there with regard to what’s going on housing and real estate. I will be back with you shortly, so please when you’re ready, reach out and I will take great care of you. I am Connor with honor. Have a great day. Over and out.

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