Removing your home from Google Maps and more

    How to remove your property photo from google maps
    An example of a blurred home on google maps

    We have a ton of men and women whom I worked with at the PD.  They are all wonderful and I am humbled by them utilizing Paris and I for their real estate needs.

    In some cases, their privacy becomes something they want to change or adjust. Some have asked me, since I am in the real estate representation business, if they are able to have their home removed from google maps. Actually, you can. If you are cop or not a cop, anyone can have their home view blurred online.

    Here are the latest instructions, for homeowners, that I followed as I removed my home’s image from Google Maps.

    FYI – if you are a renter/tenant – you are able to have this accomplished through your landlord. Hit them up in writing to make it happen!

    Removing your home from Google Maps – step by step directions

    Go to Google Maps and type in your home/property address

    You are going to want to look at the street view of your home.  To do this take the “little orange/yellow man” and drag him to being in front of your home, then drop him.

    When you are in front of your home, then look to the lower right hand corner of the map screen. Look for the text at the very bottom of the screen. You are looking to “report a problem”.

    After you click on “report a problem”, you will see a page labeled “report inappropriate street view”

    You will then adjust the image so your home/property is inside of the red box.

    You then will fill out the form – type in the verification code (so they know you are a real person) – then hit the submit button.

    This does not take very long – only a few days – recheck and see if the image of your home is blurred.

    Removing a real estate image from Google Maps

    This action does not stop here.

    Removing real estate you own from elsewhere online

    If you can find previous listing photos online when googling your address, you can get them removed too.

    All you need is your city and to do some googling to find the source of the data you are viewing on the real estate syndication websites.

    Example, I’m located in the Santa Clarita Valley California. I will google Board of Realtors in Santa Clarita California. Most likely you may see some “savvy” internet folks who are licensed Realtors, as we are 🙂 – show up. I get quite a few calls for the Board of Realtors and give the number to the callers.

    However, in most cases – you are going to see the actual Boards of Realtors. The number 1 result I see is for – Board of Realtors – Southland Regional Association. That is the first call. Call them and tell them you are the property owner of the home in which you want the previous listing photos removed. Make sure you get their email address so you can also follow up in writing.

    Most times that is all you need to do. The Board of Realtors person will send your information and address to their MLS department and have all previous listing photos removed from any MLS history for the home you now own.

    Give it a couple of weeks to fall away from the real estate syndication websites. Zillow and Trulia are examples of these. If you don’t see the photos anylonger, you are golden. If you still see your photos online, follow up with the website and or website owner and demand the photos of your property be removed.  You should not get any flack from anyone in requesting this.

    I’m Connor with HONOR and I’m glad to be of service. Thank you for taking the time to read this article about how to get your home photos removed from Google Maps and from Real estate syndication websites.

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