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    Removing duplicate contacts in the iPhone – our evolution…

    When Paris and I joined the Mobile Phone Clan we stated with La Cellular.  I’m dating ourselves with that statement – but they were a biggie in the Mobile marketplace within Southern California – So hence the name “LA”.

    They were acquired by AT&T and the rest was history.iPhone for business

    Then after several years from the (red) LED display with a large plastic phone that resembled an over-sized garage door opener, technology started to fold over on itself.

    Razor’s, Flips, Sliders, and all of the other types of cellular devices were springing up.  Not only other cellular types of phones – but companies as well – Enter Stage right, Sprint, Boost Mobile, T-mobile and others…

    All was well in the world – until….  Apple???  “Don’t they make computers?”  Yes they do and pretty good ones at that.  For the record, I am a PC person.  However, I could be converted.  I’ll try anything once, as the saying goes.

    The Buzz was huge about the iPhone.  Paris and I did the “standing in line” thing for the Nintendo 64, remember those? –  and promised ourselves that we would not do it again 🙂 – that was a o’dark thirty wake up and the line was at least 100 yards long…  No More.

    So when iPhone had been around a while, we went into the AT&T store and purchased a couple.  We were impressed and happy.  Over the years we have upgraded our iPhones to the most recent grade, but did not do so quickly.  As long as the old iPhone was functioning, we were good.  Once we started to see the advantages of having the newer technology, we made the switch.

    During those years I had implemented the use of a soft phone, skype.  I had also integrated my Top Producer Database(a content management system for Realtors), with skype and visa versa.  Expanded my contacts within Google – Dabbled with Outlook Email and Contact Management – I think we had Firefox’s Thunderbird Email application in use somewhere as well.

    Needless to say, my duplicate contacts were out of control – I had a guy, whom I cannot recall, named “ralph” appearing over 62 times – This was slowing my iPhone 4 down horrifically.  Who’s Fault – Mine, I did some fancy syncing of all of my databases into Plaxo and then into Gmail – Then having those sync with the iPhone – It was a wonder my iPhone did not give up…  BTW – Duplicate Contacts exceeded 28,000 – that is a 28 with three zero’s (sounds bigger when you put it that way 🙂

    So, that is the evolution and here is the solution.

    Finally an app as entered the Apple Marketplace – this app is called “Contacts Duster”.

    It found over 28,000 contacts that need to be “dusted”.  The phone is, as of my writing this post, still in process and at $.99 to purchase it – I am pleased currently.  It has been compiling over a couple of hours – I will update this post when it completes and let you know if it did what it was supposed to do.

    UPDATE: the phone keeps resetting – maybe I have too many contacts – I have read in the latest forum to contact Apple Support and they can clear it up from their end.  I’m going to try that.  When searching on the App Store with apple – there were two other apps in the “app store” that I have since purchased, having the same result.  It could be that the software is not equipped to handle such a HUGE list of duplicates. IT does take a not time to compile the duplicate data as well – I do get that…

    UPDATE: No help from Apple Support – I can throw blame at myself with all of the syncing I have done over the past few months – but they could only wipe my phone and delete all contacts so I could start over – No dice.

    “the last app that I installed – was $2.99 – it worked but took several hours of compiling – but it went through without a glitch – I had grown impatient and kept interfering with the process – but finally – I am down to my core contacts of 3,875.  Whew – it is done and I am happy to see my iPhone working fast as it once did.  The App that worked is called “merge duplicate contacts” Version 1.1 – it is offered by Beach-house-software!

    I was excited, “Not as Excited currently :-(” with the possibility of being able to search for a contact and not finding “ralph” show up upteen million times 🙂

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