Relinquish command of the Syndicated Listings and do it NOW!!!

    The Big Brother of Real Estate

    I think some are missing the point of the drive to take the Sellers Listings down from the Real Estate syndication sites such as Redfin, Zillow,,, and the others.

    It is not about wanting to get paid for our Sellers Listings appearing on those websites – we do and it’s called a commission.

    How can a Real Estate agent keep his sellers Listing off of the Syndication Websites?

    Here is the input screen to stop the flow of a sellers listing from the “MLS entry” onto the Syndication Websites.  Notice that a Seller has to give written notice that they don’t want the Syndication Sites to get their info?  Interesting Yes?

    Control of “misleading” Data

    It is more about control over the syndication process.  We have received many a call from an angry seller stating that their listing is showing up on one of these syndication websites with another “widget” that the syndication site had built.  This “Widget” was showing our sellers listing as being $45,000.00 over priced.  It was using a comparable that was not the same construction type and was also located in a different city…

    More $$$ in the sellers pocket

    I’ll give you another reason.  When our sellers want their listing sold.  They know that there is a small chance of it being double ended, sold by their agent with their representation of  the buyer.  However, the Syndication websites do not give this process a chance.

    We are not advocating that we go back to the MLS system being contained within three ring binders.  But I know that the Sellers of the world would rather save $$$ in having their real estate agent represent the buyer as well (in most cases).  That process is more likely to happen when the syndication sites are barred from publishing the sellers data.  Then their agent can blog, write and publish their listing on their own real estate websites – Google loves local and will take that listing and place it on page 1.

    Search engines and “local” is the key

    As long as Google Remains transparent – the sellers of the world don’t have to worry about their “non syndicated real estate listing” being stricken from the record.  It will be at the top of the search results under the Listing Agent’s Specific Name and on the Listing Agent’s website.

    What do you think?  Will this every transpire?  Have the Syndication websites become too powerful to let the “sellers” listing data go without a fight.  Without any listing data – they cannot sell their services to Real Estate agents.  Without Real Estate agents paying monthly fee’s – what then?

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