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    Refining Technology – Easy Web Video is truly EASY

    When we write content about Real Estate, there nothing quite like a Video to drive the point home.  That way the “reader-viewer” can see the expressions on our face and add to their determinations and opinions.

    So hence the reason we always tell our clients to meet with their chosen Real Estate professional “In Person”.  You can learn a lot from a person’s non verbal clues and signals.  In fact, during my 17 year stint with the LAPD, those “non-verbal” signals saved my life on more than one occasion.

    Now, buying real estate or selling the same, is not a “life or death” proposition.  But it should not be viewed as a walk in the park either.  Looking your Lender and Realtor in the eye will give you a sense if what they are telling you is the truth, conjecture or opinion.  Plus, when you interview any professional, you bring your life experience to the table.

    We have been YouTubing video’s about real estate, the market, local community events, and how we are changing the “world view” of real estate and those that work in the industry.  YouTube, Daily motion and the other internet video uploading sites are great, but your content becomes theirs.  Then you have ads, popups and other advertisements that are not your own, but your entrance fee to upload your video’s to these monetized platforms.

    There are many dimensions to producing good video.  Many websites talk about the “how and why”.  I am speaking of a service where you can “self-host” your own video’s, edit them and embed those things, directly into the video, that your clients/customers will find most useful.

    Have a look at the Easy Web Video platform, it is a true Game-Changer.  While we do have an affiliate link, I don’t want you to use it.  Go directly to their site and see what all of the BUZZ is about!

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