Refinancing your Mortgage in Santa Clarita

    Does it matter where you live when it comes to choosing a lender to do your Re-Finance?  It does not hurt.  When we buy products on line – the biggest thing that Paris and I have to worry about is the “return policy”.  So for buying certain products, I don’t have issues with doing in on line.

    santa clarita refinanceBut when it comes to getting a service, such as a Re-finance on my mortgage, I need to sit across from the person so I can look deep into their eyes and form an opinion about their Character.  It might be that you decide to call the bank that holds the note on your home.  They are able to do some interesting things when it comes to Re-Finance.

    Those “interesting things” are what you should question.  Get guarantees, get those guarantee’s in writing from the bank that is making those promises.  Just make sure you are not signing paperwork, only to find out that the person on the phone “oversold” you the re-finance package.

    That is why Paris and I are a huge fan of Local Santa Clarita Lenders to do our Refinances.  You can walk into their offices and meet with them in person to develop a feeling about their persona and abilities.

    You will also have a place to go to with complaints if something goes awry.  Accountability is HUGE in this day and in these times of economic depression.

    The Personal Meeting, is also the seemingly last “real thing” in the Finance World.

    There are two types of lenders in the world.  The Main Line Banks, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, and Chase.  The other type of lender is the “mortgage broker”.  The Main Line banks usually lend within strict guidelines.  The Mortgage Broker can be a bit more flexible.

    The Main Line Banks, for the most part, can only borrow money from their own coffers.

    The Mortgage Broker can borrow mortgage money from most of the main line banks and over 200 other sources of Mortgage Money.

    There are specific questions to ask of each lender type when wanting to get your home, condo or town-home refinanced.

    Give us a call and we will give you the down-low.

    Also – if you are looking to get your property Re-Financed – Fill out the form below and we will run the ball for you to the 1 yard line.  You can take it from there and score the touch-down.

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