Received a phone call regarding someone wanting to buy land in Santa Clarita Valley CA

    No tricks in real estateThe caller was shocked.  I can’t say that I was surprised, however – this is worth mentioning.

    When we have callers that are asking about real estate topics that I don’t deem myself or my team proficient in, I let them know.

    Who’d of thought, being upfront and honest, for a sales person… Strange I suppose. (that is the world view anyway)

    I cannot attribute it to anything but me having been a “good” cop for the larger part of my life. Me never wanting kharma to stab me in the eye and remembering what my dad taught me.

    Without those items, plus my Fear of God, I suppose I could operate myself and my REMAX of Valencia CA real estate team differently.

    The caller asked about a piece of land that was for sale, he found it on one of our websites, listed for 1/2 a million dollars. ($500,000)

    After looking up the land, I observed the seller was offering 10% commission to the agent representing the buyer.

    However, the called did not know the first thing about buying land and I was tapped out after the first two questions.

    I explained to him that I would not be the best choice for him when it comes to the purchase of raw land.

    I could tell he was stunned.  He was taken back and I thought we had been disconnected, however that was not the case.

    He was trying to digest what I had told him about me not “knowing everything” about land and the little nuances that may get him into trouble if he did not hire a Realtor that was an expert in the sales of land.

    The caller, Ben, gave me an accolade related to me not being like the “others” he had called prior to me.  He also asked if I would not mind referring him to a real estate agent that made land purchasing their field of expertise.

    He said, “someone like you deserves to have me get you involved in my wanting to buy land – you should make something for your honesty..”

    There it is, coming around full circle and I am honored.

    Thanks Ben, Be safe and God Speed to you and yours with your land purchase.

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