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    Real Estate Tip 3 – Safety and Security in a neighborhood…

    I don’t think police offices dislike being called “Cops…”  I didn’t.  Just an aside.  However, I do know that Deputies dislike being called officers or cops. Gotta love the broad stroke…

    Talking about cops, officers and deputies, what about safety and security when moving into a neighborhood.  How can you ensure that everything will be forever okay?  My experience has shown that you cannot guarantee that nothing will ever happen, but you can do your due diligence that is a bit outside of the box.

    Representing buyers in real estate should always be more than about being paid when the deal closes.  I don’t want anyone moving anywhere that poses a safety issue.  That is why we always insist that various inspections are completed as part of the home buying process.

    Usually, the “on paper” inspection are all that are recommended to those wanting to purchase real estate.  May I be so bold as to suggest that you carry it a bit farther?  When you find that perfect home, during your ‘inspecton’ period – door knock all of the neighbors homes, seeking that “chatty Kathy…”

    Do this will all of those that are going to be living in the home.  The reason knocking with all of those that will be living in the condo, town-home or house you are buying is simple – The Critical Eye…

    The Critical Eye can best be explained as you digesting information with your mind – via your eyes.  When you introduce yourself and those whom you have in tow with you – to those that are answering the door – you will get a feel if it is the neighborhood for you.  Or at least you will deduce if you can handle it until it comes time to move up, move down or move again.

    Check out the video and let us know if we are on target or missing the base all together 🙂

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