Real Estate showing services touted by agents requires an extra step

    If you are in real estate, you will know the best way is to speak with the realtor who the seller hired to schedule showing of the home for sale.

    Sometimes technology, which is awesome, makes things more difficult. As is the case with these showing services that have started to come about in real estate lately.

    Same as the auto dialers – they can dial a hell of a lot of phone numbers, but how are you really received by those you are robodialing?

    Here is what I have to say about those Showing Companies and why using them requires an extra step.

    Agents scheduling the showings of homes (best practice)

    This is because that requires only one step. You speak with the agent, you have questions on behalf of your home buyers, such as:

    • Are there any seller contingencies¬†– home of choice, etc.

    • Are the sellers the live-in residents or is this an investment property?

    • Is there any wiggle room in the price – most agents worth their salt will not throw their sellers under the bus and answer this question.

    • Are the sellers motivated? – this too is one of those questions that a seasoned agent won’t answer because it places their seller in jeopardy.

      If we don’t speak with the listing agent we are doing our clients, the real estate buyers, a huge disservice. That is because there are time frames in which to make a listing show pending, or under contract, after an offer is accepted.

    • That could be 48 hours – If I don’t speak with the listing agent, asking the question if they have any offers or an accepted offer, we waste our buyers time.

    You have no idea how many homes I showed, in my infancy within being a licensed Realtor, that were already under contract without the MLS being updated online.

    The second way of scheduling a real estate showing

    Some agents say to contact their sellers to schedule an appointment. This works, however, requires two steps. The step contacting the seller’s real estate agent. Finding out if there are any offers pending, rumored, or received. Also, any additional information concerning the home for sale that “agent to agent” I should know about.

    This way is the most traditional, I have to say. This is how things were normally done in the past several years until the Showing Scheduling companies came about.

    It can take, by the rule book, 48 hours for a realtor to update the status of a real estate listing. This means the listing online shows ‘active’ but in reality has an accepted offer on it.

    That is the “why” the importance of the phone call.

    In some cases, there is showing overlap. If I want to show the home at 2 pm, and if the showing company already has a 2 pm booked – they will deny my showing. I then have to call back to try 2:30 pm and it goes on and on from here. Agents get along, for the most part, no matter what I may eek out on the keyboard.

    If we get booked at the same time, we wait in line. Some agents, like your’s truly, will ask our clients if they mind if other’s view the home along with us. Some do and some don’t – as I stated, it all works out. In some cases, the agents won’t want other people inside with their agent. However, as I stated, we make it work.

    Extra phone calls and scheduling 5-10 listings to be shown can be tantamount to misery.

    The “new automated” way of showing

    The showings are set up without any communication with the listing agent.

    This creates issues when the status, true status, of the home is required by the showing real estate agent.

    There is no “other info” given by the listing agent when the showings are set up via one of these systems.

    I love it on the MLS, even though these systems are offered free by the Board of Realtors when the agents say,

    Do Not use ShowingTime – Text me with your information, license, brokerage, and requested date of showing.

    I do so and get an appointment which I’d hope is with a listing which is still for sale.

    If I inquire further, it does not matter. The agent is not the one being contact and legally I cannot discuss offers, in hand or promised, with the home seller.

    I’ll respond with if the property is within a contract or if the seller has accepted your showing time.

    Agents stand up against their member benefit

    Some agents, including myself, list in the MLS under showing instructions something new. Since the Southland Regional Association of Realtors made the showing company a member benefit. They did not ask, they just went with it.NOT


    Aha –¬†breath of fresh air!

    I’m Connor MacIvor and I want to be your chosen real estate agent.

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