Real Estate searches, buyers and sellers are getting scammed

    Avoid Real Estate Traps when selling or buyingThis is starting to happen more and more.  In fact, there is a whole spam system that is set up under those “Guaranteed Sales” programs.

    You think you are getting the good estimates of home value, but they seemingly fall short.

    This is because of the data that drives most of those systems.

    It is not MLS – Multiple Listing Service based.  The MLS is driven by the local Boards of Realtors and is the best data when it comes to comparable value with regard to real estate.

    Some are only lead generation systems and your phone is going to ring off of the hook and email will start to blow up once you enter your property address and your personal contact information.

    When the system you are using is tied to a single Realtor or Team, you are much safer and can make a phone call to shut down any Spammy Activity that has it’s source from a Local Realtor.

    In addition to these reasons, there is also a good chance some of those Home Sale Guarantee systems are tying to get you to do something you aren’t going to want.

    Such as selling your home for less than fair market value.  There have also been unhappy home sellers, that we have experienced with new home selling clients that have “fired” their previous agent that is using these methods to get sellers to list with them.

    Just as mom used to say, “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is…”

    Look at the contracts carefully and make sure you understand 100% of the process before signing on the dotted line.

    Look at the listing period involved, the “mandatory price reductions”, when and why they are enforced.

    When it comes to the agent telling you that they will buy your home if they don’t sell it, find out at what price and find out if they are qualified to purchase your home.  Those questions typically stop the predatory Realtor in their tracks.

    When searching on-line for real estate the MLS is where the data is housed.  It is the go to source for the licensed Real Estate agent.  It is where the real estate sellers homes, condos and townhomes are being entered.

    Be safe and thanks for checking out our newest Slideshare presentation on Home Searches and why it’s important to use someone that has a single point of contact.

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