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    Real Estate Santa Clarita Radio June 10, 2011

    Another Santa Clarita Radio show has been completed – This one was 15 fast minutes that covered the following topics:

    The Santa Clarita Radio show flowed smoothly, not too many crutch words and I had fun in it’s production.  I hope you enjoy the Santa Clarita Radio Broadcast, sponsored by Blog Talk Radio.

    Looking forward to interviewing more Guests in the Future from the SCV Concierge and Other Santa Clarita based businesses.

    Call me to schedule your show time – It is truly a great place to bond and the exposure for your Business is fantastic.

    Listen to internet radio with SCV Moves on Blog Talk Radio

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    Register for our Santa Clarita Business Webinars.  We will be talking about the “I have more time than money” way to get on Page 1 of Google.Register to Learn on Santa Clarita Business Blog

    Content Marketing will be the show’s approach and all you need is a phone, computer and internet connection.  We will have a once a month session, regroup, talk about the gains your business has shown, trials/tribulations, and any and all difficulties.  We will have Guests on as well 🙂 So any SEO and Internet folks from the SCV Concierge, SCV Chamber etc…  Please let me know if you are interested!

    Each Webinar will build on the preceeding Training Class.  From Past Experience with conducting on-line training and webinars, I have found it is always a superior learning tool – Because, I walk you through each process.  You then have time to work on the newly learned process and report back with your success and “non-successes”.

    You are probably wondering how much something like this will cost?  Nothing, Zero, Nada.  Just a willingness to learn and to Shave your Head(just kidding).  But, not about the Shaved Head… 🙂


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