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    Real Estate Questions Answered: Abandoned Homes in my Neighborhood

    For the last couple of years, we have been getting calls from our past clients reference to abandoned homes in their neighborhoods.  They want to know if there is any way of knowing who the owner is and if they can be contacted.

    Most of our past clients don’t want anything more than to keep their neighborhood safe from crime, which could come in the form of squatters. If someone is willing to move into an abandoned home without permission – they might be willing to do other “criminal” activities.

    We have a way of pulling title and sending that to the person inquiring. We make it a point to ensure that our clients are served well.  In a couple of cases, out clients have been able to contact the local “authorities”.  In even fewer cases, the “local law” has been able to get those that are squatting out, even before the true owner of the property is able to be notified.

    Most of the “true owners” of these vacant, and apparently abandoned properties, are the banks without field agents or offices in the area of their REO’s(real estate owned real estate).  We have phone numbers and contact information for the various large banks and are glad to pass it along to anyone attempting to keep their neighborhood safe.

    Keep an eye on the “abandoned” homes in your neighborhood – if you see someone moving into an abandoned home and there was never a for sale sign, any previous traffic (i.e. cleaning out, real estate agents, a caravan, etc…) – you might have cause for alarm.  Contact your local law enforcement and see what they have to say.  You just might be able to prevent a ‘squatter’ situation from happening.

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