Real Estate prices increasing – Will there be any relief?

    Listing agents would hope not 🙂 As would the sellers in the real estate world. Those sellers – that had bought a home in the Santa Clarita Valley from September of 2012 – are now in a equity position.

    Those real estate buyers that had purchased homes at the height of the market back in 2005/2006 are not. However, if you believe some of the conjecture on the World Wide Web – you can rest assured it won’t take until 2050 to get back to the height.

    Finding the perfect Santa Clarita homeIn fact, some of the on-line sources say that through 2017, we are going to experience a 22% growth factor with regard to residential real estate.

    That is the good news. However, for whom? What about the real estate buyers that have been looking to buy a home? We have found relief for a lot of our real estate buyers at the new housing tracts. Those New Home builders have inventory.

    Not “ready to go inventory” but inventory that can be be built, suited for each buyer. Most of the New Santa Clarita Valley new home builders has switched over to a lottery system. Due to the demand for new housing and new build real estate being so high.

    Our New Santa Clarita Homes buyers agents have been assisting our clients with their new housing needs. This latest weekend we have four of our real estate buyers get accepted with two different new housing communities.

    I received one phone call from a client, whom we had been working with during the past 8 months. They are FHA buyers. They have been beaten out by Cash and Conventional buyers. New Housing was a good fit for them. The phone call was laced with elation and happiness. They had scored with one of our New Housing agents and had won the New home drawing.

    This week, they will be signing contracts and doing more of the paperwork, under the supervision of one of our experts. Sure, the new housing has their representative, our clients have theirs. That’s us. It’s nice to have your very own rep at the new home builders – in some cases, it’s deemed as necessary to thwart any “non disclosure” items that may present themselves months after you have closed escrow.

    We hosted an open house this weekend in the Summits of Valencia. This pre market listing is located on Berault Court in Valencia CA. We had a lot of foot traffic, a sign of the times and this constrictive real estate market. We also received several calls from real estate agents that had said that their clients were going to attend our open house.

    Offers had been received, even though the listing has not been placed onto the Multiple Listing Service. That is when you realize that the market is hot – this is a good example.

    The real estate syndication websites are not seeing this listing, yet. It may be sold before it enters the Multiple Listing Service and there by populates some of the big sites like Redfin, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor dot com.

    Hooking up with a local agent has never been as important as it is today. A local real estate agent that is dug in deeper than an Alabama Tick with regard to housing inventory and the “off market” real estate inventory can be a God-Send.

    As would have been the case if you had been working with our Team or another local agent that has their pulse in the current market. That agent would have been made aware of this “pre market” open house, would have brought their clients by and if they liked it, they would have submitted an offer, as so many did…

    Be safe – Happy Monday, if there can be such a thing and we will look forward to being of assistance with your Santa Clarita real estate needs…

    Head over to our Distressed Real estate and foreclosure blog to read and watch a video about our Foreclosure Case Study – #2.

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