The real estate news from a X Police Officers perspective

    News with Microphone (clipping path included)Sex in houses by real estate agents.

    They do it, and you should know it.  Funny story from back east.  Two real estate agents obtained a real estate listing, seller intent on them selling it, but they staged it for sex with each other and a video camera.

    Ha – What are they going to think of next?  Now the seller of the real estate listing is suing the agents and their brokerage.

    “Broker, darn near killed her…”

    Okay, I’ll stop now.  With regard to the future of real estate lending. They say (“they” being the key word), that loans and lending is going to get more expensive in 2014.  “They” say those things so it won’t be such a shock, I think.

    Do  yourselves a favor, if you are thinking about buying a home in 2014, speak with your lender once again. Make sure they are giving you the new numbers. They should have an idea how much more expensive money will be next year, so just ask.

    Day after Christmas in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. December 26, 2013.

    Santa Clarita real estate radio show notes:

    • sex sells, sexual escapades
    • seller sues the real estate agents for staging home
    • interest rates for 2014 – relive the numbers with your lender
    • be on the same page with gas prices – same thing with lending prices and charges
    • interest rate histories, 4% , 5% , 6% overall – all are steals
    • talk with your tax advisor or accountant to make sure of your refund/return
    • mortgage interest rates almost 100% write off for the first few years of any home loan
    • the fact you can write your interest off is very important
    • make sure you ask your tax advisor about the interest rate and get their advice
    • new homes, we have those too, posted up on this am
    • no new listings entered the Santa Clarita real estate market during the past 24 hours

    Be safe – Have a great Thursday, we will talk with you tomorrow.

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