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    Real Estate listing exposure for properties in Santa Clarita is the new Black

    What are some of the best ways to advertise the listings that our sellers give us to sell?  We are big fans of the internet.

    Foreclosures in Santa ClaritaHowever, with most of the “main line” realtors and vendors pulling out of “print advertising”, you would be surprised how much exposure our sellers get with this “age old – and – tried and true” form of real estate advertising.

    The best way in which to take advantage of “publication print advertising” with our sellers listings is to create a Unique Web address that is published within the publication – linking back to the listing we are advertising.

    The way the Web Address is put together is critical.  In fact, we only reveal the “how” of this potent form of real estate advertising during our Sellers Briefing – After contracts are signed.

    That way we can track the results and develop a graph of our ROI(return of investment), for our sellers and our gratification.

    This is merely only one arm from the Paris911 Real Estate advertising arsenal.  We gather many different forms of real estate advertising, cut the worst and keep the best.  Also, we have lots of ARMS when listing a Sellers Home…

    A New Sand Canyon Listing in Canyon Country CA has just hit the market for sale.  Canyon Country is located within the Santa Clarita Valley.  I will place the listing just below this text in all of it’s current glory.  However, if you are seeing a red lined box that says the listing that you are looking for cannot be found – it means that it is no longer available.

    [idx-listing mlsnumber=”F12007344″ showall=”true”]

    I have placed the other Sand Canyon Listings that are for sale on the map below for your viewing pleasure. Also, the most recent listings are populating in list form, below the map for Sand Canyon in Canyon Country.

    More Exposure for your Real Estate Listing = More Viewings = Better Qualified Buyers.


    [idx-listings linkid=”105318″ count=”12″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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