Real Estate is a happy time had by all, except some :)

    Some people get angry, some folks in the world are the types that cannot see past their nose to spite their face.

    I’m not one of those types of people. I like to remain postiive, even if the world is coming down on top of me. I like to always look for the “glimmer of hope” in everything that is occurring.

    Paris911 team

    I also find it very comforting to have Religion and a Belief in something greater than myself, as Jesse The Body Ventura stated, is “for the weak minded”.

    I think my belief makes me a better person, a better father, and better husband. I also believe that had also made me a better cop for the LAPD and a Much Better Realtor when it comes to being “real” with those who use our Real Estate Services.

    The one thing that I cannot let happen is to have my head lie on the pillow at night, with unfinished business between myself and anyone.

    I’m not talking about “work to be done” – it never really is caught up is it?

    I’m also not talking about “phone calls to be made, following up” – those calls always need to be made.

    I’m speaking about the “bad stuff” the “bad eye”, the people that need to be consoled or “fixed” by gentle conversation and getting to the bottom of their personal pain.

    It may have come about as a misunderstanding. Maybe it was a lack of communication that started the rift of displeasure.

    No matter what it is or was, it’s the right thing to bring it out in front of everyone involved, look at it, talk about it and either kill it, feed it, solve it or bury it.

    This posting came about today because on FaceBook someone was ripping apart a service provider that does local Valencia Photography.

    We also had a Lawyer Friend of ours Beaten up on Yelp.

    Both brought more “positive” thoughts, business and better clients to the way of the “businesses” that were gone after.

    So, instead of it doing what the “complainers” wanted, it backfired.

    I suppose, that is as it should be. The thing that I would not do is hide behind the keyboard when wanting to tell someone what I think about their business. I would want to get it to them in person, so we can see if there is any remedy to be had.

    Keyboard Ninjas are a dime a dozen, what do you think? Be safe – thanks for reading and make sure you check our newest Valencia CA Specific real etate website. It’s Great and is located at


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