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    Real Estate investors are slowing their roll in the Santa Clarita Valley and Los Angeles Areas

    It’s Monday – and that is all I have to Say About That!!!!

    Santa Clarita Real Estate Daily Show Notes:

    • Why Paris911? We are not French.
    • We represent buyers and sellers in The Santa Clarita Valley and in and around the Los Angeles California Area
    • Not Perris California, not Paris Texas or Paris France – Paris is a Person and not that “Paris” šŸ™‚We_sell_life_sized_homes_too
    • Paris is my “life partner” and the other Team Leader in our Real Estate business
    • I was the LAPD Cop – so hence the 911 part of the riddle.
    • Paris + 911 = Paris911
    • There you go – Be safe…
    • Today’s real estate buyers are very frustrated
    • Some listings enter the market then disappear within moments
    • It’s up to a real estate seller on how they want to sell their home
    • A seller that does not allow their home to hit the “for sale” market is doing themselves a disservice
    • Better offers – better financing – seeing a change where investors are slowing their roll
    • Investors – lately, during the past few months – the investors were working the market
    • Renting and holding – buy, rehab, rent – hold and they sell it at a profit, plus make a return on their money 8-12% goal
    • Real Estate investors are still flipping
    • Majority of the buyers were cash investors at a time within the not so recent past
    • You can hear my windshield wipers
    • Get someone that knows what they are doing – it pays BIG
    • If I were looking for a real estate agent, I’d start with doing a few Google Searches
    • Schedule an interview – and talk with an agent – However, they should listen more than talking.
    • Who are they – working for a team or are they the “soleĀ proprietor?”
    • Teams – Real Estate Teams – seem to be a business model that is taking off more than the “single agent”
    • There are advantages.
    • New housing – using your own realtor could save you thousands of dollars
    • Paris911.com – Great Monday, Stay Drive, and watch out for other people during this wet weather
    • What did you do with that Box for the big screen TV you just bought (other keeping safe tips on our Santa Clarita Valley .org Community Blog.

    Have a Great Monday(I keep saying it…) Let us know if we can help and be safe!!!

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