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    Real Estate crash course for our Exclusive Clients

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    The best ways to purchasing and selling real estateIf you are feeling special from the title of this post – then good on you!  You should, because we do look at each and every one of our clients as Exclusive.  We made a decision a long time ago to not allow our team, ourselves or our clients to rush into anything having to do with Real Estate.

    That is why we came up with our Real Estate Crash Course. We cover the A-Z of Real Estate.  The current real estate market.  The ways in which the current lending game and inventory status will affect you as a buyer or seller. Plus a lot more.

    Some of what we cover in our Crash Course

    • Is it a buyers market or a sellers market?
    • What types of offers are most accepted amongst current sellers?
    • Where should I price my home to have the best amount of return?
    • The most prevalent types of financing and how to take the best advantage.
    • How can I watch out for “predatory lenders and realtors”?
    • Complete Explanation to the live of an escrow for either buyers or sellers.
    • And much more – Plus a Q and A session, because I know you will have them 🙂

    Some in our Real Estate Industry have said that it is not their job to “teach real estate” to their clients. And that their clients just have to trust them when it comes to real estate.

    I agree that you should trust your agent. But we don’t operate by the same thought process.

    We want our clients to know everything that might and will impact their real estate experience. BTW, when our clients “learn real estate” in our Crash Course – when something happens in the Transaction, they are prepared and not surprised.

    I don’t like surprises when it comes to the largest investment of a clients life!

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