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    Has the real estate boat sailed and left you on the dock in California

    Valencia CA experts of Real EstateThe Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA has been hard at work keeping up with the year end prices of real estate in Valencia CA and within the other Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    Here is some great intel, just at the time when you think you may have missed the real estate boat, take heed and see some of our latest Data Charts for Valencia CA real estate.

    You have not been left behind. Interest rates are still super low, and we are getting more real estate inventory on a daily basis within Valencia CA and the rest of Southern California – take heed, what you may need is a more “motivated Realtor”…

    If Valencia CA is not the city you want to view, we have our Statistics Pages for all Santa Clarita real estate, you can view these pages and choose the city you desire.

    We are seeing a price increase trend for Valencia CA real estate – as well as in the other Santa Clarita Cities.

    If you want to view the other Cities and their historic prices, Click here to view Santa Clarita Cities real estate prices.

    Make sure you have subscribed to our Bi Monthly Real Estate newsletter, we have just compiled the year of 2013 in review. We looked at the historic levels of interest rates for home mortgages for 2013 and the “immediate bump” experienced back in June 2013, which threw the real estate buying market on their ear.

    Here is 2012 – the very end – Valencia California Housing Prices:

    Valencia December 28, 2012 prices

    Here is 2013 – the very end as well for Valencia CA Housing Prices:

    $446k to $578k for single family residences in Valencia CA.  That is how the year went out – starting in December 2012 through December 2013.

    The lacking inventory in Valencia CA and within the other Santa Clarita Valley cities took it’s toll on real estate prices.

    We also, if you remember, experienced some real estate investor pull back late fall of 2013, however the constrictive inventory and plethora of Valencia CA real estate buyers, did not slow down the price increases in Valencia and other SCV cities.

    Valencia December 27, 2013 prices

    Then we have the inventory numbers as they were for Single Family Homes in Valencia CA, ending out 2012:

    96 units for sale versus our current being at 89. Not much of a change with regard to real estate and housing inventory for Valencia CA.

    I believe the “big change” comes in when you look at the two graphs for Valencia CA real estate regarding prices.  In just a single year, we have increased in price hand over fist.

    To keep “tuned in” for real estate prices, the best way is to view our Valencia CA and other Santa Clarita Valley cities pricing pages. You can find those posted here – Santa Clarita real estate pricing pages.

    Valencia December 28, 2012 inventory

    Inventory numbers for Valencia CA, ending out 2013:

    Not much of a change over last year, however – when you look at all of the Santa Clarita cities and the homes that are actively “for sale”, you are going to see that we have less inventory, more buyers and higher prices than we did back at the end of 2012 and in the beginning of 2013.

    Valencia December 27, 2013 inventory

    Have a look at our Valencia CA real estate systems and intel pages.

    You will see there is no other team that keeps their clients updated with the best in real estate Data for Valencia and for the other Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    You can view all of our resources by heading over to the Top Valencia CA real estate website, Paris911.com, and by using our Real Estate by Topic search for Valencia and everything that is real estate.

    If we have written about it on one of our Tens of Thousands of real estate resources, you will find it in our Super Search Engine for real estate.

    This is what you will use when you arrive at our Paris911 Main Site:

    search for all real estate topics and posts by paris911 at remax

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