Real estate blogging by voice.

    You know, it’s kind of funny when you start talking about blogging with regards to real estate. Whenever blogs first started, back in the day, they were typically built around family events, trips, vacations, and whatever somebody else wanted to tell the reader about their personal life.

    For this particular blog post. I am actually reading into my iPhone. The voice recognition software is quite advanced after you train it to understand your voice and learn to speak clearly and concisely.

    Back in the day when Paris and I first started real estate, that was 1998, there was an Internet but as far as real estate was concerned it was horrible.

    As they say, technology moves everything along at the technicians pace. The same applies to real estate. We have noticed that the Internet systems via syndication websites, and Internet data exchanges, have really put real estate and home purchasing in the hands of the consumer.

    There is always a price to be paid for advancements in technology. This applies itself with regard to some of the websites that have been built around real estate in order to capture leads and not serve the consumer.

    Before the advent of technology with regard to real estate postings being put online for everybody to see, you merely had agents that knew the inventory personally making it a very secretive world.

    Now that the man behind the curtain has been revealed, most consumers can sleep just a little better at night without having to worry about not knowing the rest of the story.

    Do your self a favor, make sure you are getting the best real estate advice possible. That real estate advice will serve you well as long as it’s coming from a professional that cares more about the relationship than they do about the commission.

    That being said very little editing, this entire blog was written with the speech to text software within the iPhone. Thanks so much for listening and I am Connor MacIVOR with Remax.


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