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    Real Estate and the application of the Days on Market Trends

    The local Santa Clarita real estate market, as it should not come as a surprise, are starting to move faster last week as compared with the week preceding it.

    In fact, we monitor the real estate markets on a daily basis – and started to see a change in Days on Market during the past several weeks, starting with Mid January 2014.


    Santa Clarita Valley Days on Market

    You can see that we had a low point in the Days on Market, and we have been following an “almost” flat trend as it applies to the Days on Market.

    During the past two weeks, we have seen this on more of a “micro” scale and the DOM has been reducing by days in all of the Cases reference to the local Santa Clarita Valley cities.

    This gives the local Santa Clarita real estate sellers some positive hope as it relates to their real estate they are selling and the homes they are desiring to sell.

    Interest rates creeped up a bit today, however those of you obtaining FHA loans, can be happy that those rates stayed the same.

    Make sure you are getting the best in the loan you are applying for. You can let your Realtor introduce you to the Top Lenders in your area or city of interest. You can also approach the bank with which you deal.

    Either interview more than one lender and see what they offer and get a “breakdown” of their costs. ┬áBut, always remember that if they are only dollars off from one another, Value should run the decision.

    As one of my mentors said, “Cost is a one time thing, Value goes much farther…”

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