Real Estate agents stealing women’s clothing from their clients?

    Realtors, don’t steal from your clients

    Arresting real estate agentsAll things being equal, real estate agents should not steal from clients.

    Apparently “nanny cams” show a lot of what goes on within some open houses.  For shame, stealing women’s clothes – story from the

    2014 real estate predictions

    Predictions for 2014. Interest rates are going to go up(no secret there). How much?That’s the secret. We have been at 4.5ish for a few weeks now. With every new year, unless we are in a declining market, money becomes a bit more expensive to borrow.

    Inventory is also going to increase because Sellers don’t want to miss the proverbial boat. – Most real estate sellers that wanted to list their homes during the holidays, did not want to be interrupted. That is going to change come this new year, which is very typical of every 1st quarter of the new years of past.

    Loans are going to get more expensive, and Fico Scores are also going to have higher minimum levels. – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are wanting to remove themselves from being Government Sponsored Entities. In order to do so they are going to want to raise minimum Fico credit scores to finance real estate. In addition to that, the cost of the loan process is also going to be more expensive for the originators(lenders). Those costs are typically passed along to the real estate buyers. – Make sure you are getting a Good Faith Estimate (GFE), when approaching the real estate loan and lending venue. It’s worth the simplicity of asking for one.

    Drones for real estate are the new Black

    Real Estate Drones, the LAPD and LA City elders don’t like the invasion of privacy they cause, but agents are using them none the less.

    Holidays equal more Buglaries

    During the holidays Buglaries always jump a few percentage points. Take the move “The Ref” into consideration, we love that movie..  Dennis Leary has no equivalent for sure.

    This year was no exception, not on a Santa Clarita scale, but on a nationwide scale  – CNN reporting:  “In California, for example, there were 21,900 burglaries in December 2011 – the latest statistics available – 18% more than the average month.”

    Trusting your real estate agent, should you?

    Trusting a real estate agent, what, are you serious 🙂

    The trick comes in the “choosing” of a qualified real estate agent to serve your needs.

    They should be good communicators and care about what you want and what you are communicating.

    They should also have a proven track record of “client care and satisfaction”.  Size them up against their competition and choose wisely.

    Have a great day – Friday, the last Friday before 2014. Talk soon and thanks for checking us out.


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