Real Estate agent transports escorts

    Tell a Friend about The Paris911 TeamI know that real estate can be hard at times to have as a full time career, to make ends meet.  It can become quite difficult.

    However, that is where digging in and keeping the pipe line full will pay off big.  Part of digging in has to do with hard work, but not work that won’t get the agent anywhere, hard work that will show that the agent is at the top of their game at every waking moment in a “real estate consumer’s” hunt for their real estate needs.

    We have seen some interesting things in the local market, with one of those “interesting things” being what some real estate agents will do to make money, besides selling homes and representing buyers/sellers of residential real estate.

    Some will start scamming their past clients, asking them for money for the next “get rich quick” scheme.

    Heck, it does not stop at the client level, we had a fellah in our offices selling pomegranate juice – the next big thing – only needed a $800.00 investment and in three years we’d be sipping mai thai’s on some tropical beach…  I’m glad I did not buy into that one..

    I remember a cat that used to be a cop, then became a realtor that started selling song sharing platforms – charged his past friends 1K to invest and everyone went broke, except him.

    I know of another guy that started, early during the last real estate market fall, loan modifications.  For 3K – you were guaranteed to get your loan modified.  If it did not work out – you’d get refunded 2k of the 3k.  The other 1k was split between the real estate agent that referred you and the “brain” that came up with the scam.

    Sad But True.  However, without the knowledge of the scams, people cannot protect themselves. Although these two instances are about real estate agents – not all agents are that way.

    Most – just like when I was with the LAPD, are GREAT.  Would never sacrifice a client when it came to money.  They always looked toward the “helping of people” outweighing the “hurting of people”.

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