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    Prices increasing, short sale safety running out, interest rates below 3.5, here is your update

    With the changes in the interest rates – below 3.5%, the Santa Clarita real estate blogs are lit with the talk of Buyers coming out of the woodwork. Since March 2012 – there have been a lot of real estate buyers in a Buying Mood.  In fact, there are so many buyers that the prices of residential Santa Clarita remax searchreal estate have been driven up since January 2012.  We have watched as the changes to the “typical buyer’s approach” have been modified by the current market.  Click here to see our prices pages for the Santa Clarita Cities.

    Meaning? Typically, most homes were needing to be viewed, by the buyers having their agent write the offer, before an offer was placed.  Most homes were able to be viewed without appointments – only a call ahead was necessary.  Today, these two dynamics have changed.  Looking through the Multiple Listing service for our real estate clients reveals a few listings that can never be viewed in person.  In fact, it states, “Write offers subject to interior inspection and under no circumstances are you to contact the tenants/owners…”  “No viewings will be conducted until the seller executes the contract, or at a later time..”.  When exactly can these properties be viewed?  It’s anyone’s guess…

    With these changes – we are watching as buyers will write offers before they even see the property.  However, this does not do the buyers any harm. They can still change their mind and back out after they view the property.  But what if the inside of the home is in shambles or what if it is not what they truly want to buy?  Besides time being wasted – that’s about it.  Sometimes, the way the game is played has to be changed with the prevalent real estate wind as it shifts direction.

    This is our latest real estate update video for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  On it, we discussed the short sale laws changing.  If you are or know someone that has been contemplaing having a short sale expert negotiate a short sale on your/their behalf – you may want to find out about the changes to the “debt forgiveness” that are coming up.

    At the end of this video – you will be given an option to subscribe to our news updates.  BE Safe – talk soon.

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