Prices have increased for the past 17 straight months in Los Angeles and Surrounding areas

    Handling Santa Clarita real estateWhere do we go from here.  Case / Shiller Home price indexes are reporting these stats.  I will tell you from the ground, they have it right.

    In fact, we have many of our clients that stated to “tap out” last April/May.  However, for those of you that had been priced out of the local Santa Clarita valley real estate market, don’t lose hope.

    While I don’t see this balloon (if you can even call it that), poppin’ – I do see it reducing in size.  We are watching as more inventory has started to be added to our local market, financing is not as stringent because there is now more skin in the game, and our website traffic has increased hand over fist the past several weeks.

    We are talking to more and more Santa Clarita real estate sellers, even received a call from a Valencia CA home seller who is under contract with one of those “Sell your home guaranteed” agents.  Unfortunately, I told the caller I could not speak with him while he was  under contract with this “other team”, no matter how much he hated his agents and their “guarantee”.Risk Free guarantee Santa Clarita CA

    During the conversation, he turned the tables on me a bit when he said, “the reason you don’t want to answer or help me is because you are with the same company!”

    He was right, at least on a part – I was with the same company as the other agent team.  I had to calm this fella down and explain to him that we are all independent contractors and we all do things different.  Please, “calm down”, I asked and I informed him that if is that upset, call the Broker/Office Manager at the company the agent is with.

    Everyone has a boss.  I’ll never forget that we received a dispute related to a security guard jacking up some elderly lady because he thought she did not have permission to be at a community swimming pool.

    This security guard was totally “Tackleberry” and was very aggressive according to witnesses.  After our arrival, we deduced this security guard needed to take the rest of the day off(and maybe see a shrink).  I asked him to have one of his supervisors respond.  He said there was no one and he was the supervisor.  I then said this, “Who do you call if you need to wake someone up, after you happen to blow someone out of their shoes following breaking leather with your hog leg?”  The light went on and another “supervisor” responded.

    Everyone has a boss, it’s just a matter of getting the right “boss” on the phone to fix the issues you are having with your Realtor.

    BTW – If the realtor is the broker/owner, their boss would be the local Boards of Realtors that governs their specific area.  Real estate agents are card carrying members of these groups because it increases accountability and gives them a better reputation to the home buying/selling public at large.

    Here are a couple of listings that have just hit the market for sale in Santa Clarita Valley.  Be safe – search well and don’t get scammed.

    [idx-listings linkid=”321978″ count=”2″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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