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    Looking at the inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley cities has us wondering if we are going to see the market take off as we did last year Mid March 2013.

    7 Days of real estate activity in Santa Clarita
    local market activity in Santa Clarita CA

    During the last 7 days in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have seen the following: 84 real estate listings have had their prices changed. This can be in the ways of price increases or price decreases – However, I’m positive it will be in the way of reductions.

    Price Reductions in Santa Clarita real estate
    Local real estate price reductions

    If you look at the graph, you will see that a majority of the price changes were red arrows going in a downward direction.

    Meaning the prices on a majority of the 42 active real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley that had their prices changed were indeed price reductions. Paris911.com/pricechanges

    With regard to the new listing inventory, you can see that during the last 7 days we have had an increase on the listings currently for sale on the real estate market.

    Today’s Totals for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities are:

    Active: Paris911.com/Active

    Backup: Paris911.com/backup


    Pending: Paris911.com/Pending

    The real estate market continues to turn and we hope that you will reach out to us when you are ready to MOVE and allow us, the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA, represent you. REMAX-Valencia-ca-Paris911.com

    Some other resources you will find useful:

    To obtain our Reports directly from the Research Company we have hired: Paris911.com/Reports

    If you are interested in obtaining the real estate listings at the exact moment the real estate agents do: Paris911.com/listingalerts

    When you are wanting to buy a home, make sure it’s what you want. Make sure you have your agent give you the scoop on everything that is real estate. We do this via our Crash Course on real estate for Home buyers and Real Estate sellers. Paris911.com/Crashcourse


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