Partial Resume of the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA

    real estate resume of REMAX Valencia Paris911

    As part of our real estate daily, let us please present a partial resume. This is where we have come from, not everything mind you, I’m working on the “made for TV movie”.

    Just some “highlights” that may be of interest when you are considering hiring your next real estate agent.

    We did get into more “detailed information” on our “about us page” that is posted on the Top Website for SCV Cities.

    Today – FYI, we are working on our Housing Market Reports, we do these every Monday and will be compiling and digesting the data we received about 0200am from our Research Company, Altos Research.

    Later this PM – you can always see if the report has been completed by heading to our Main Site and by typing in the words “market updates” into the MacBoX at the top of the Screen. Or you can just Click here to see our most Recent Real Estate market update report.

    Team Leader – RE/MAX of Valencia CA – The Paris911 Team.

    I shave daily whether I need it or not 🙂 , and have a wonderful team in place that handles Real Estate Consultation in the Greater Los Angeles Areas.

    LAPD for 22 years – 17 years regular – 5 additional years as a reserve officer. Motors 13 of the 17 years and Teaching Firearms and Tactics during my Reserve Time. “officially” retired, no pension, just retired, May 2013.

    Real Estate Began 1998, Licensed – part time. Paris, better half – full time end of the business 1999.

    Beginnings primarily started with assisting those I worked with on the LAPD, LASD and CHP with their real estate procurement and representation.

    Building a Foundation with those that have a daily business of being lied to, by criminal, perp and the like, was not easy with the “typical world view” of SalesPeople. (Paris and I really got this part, we were taken by our real estate agent when we bought our first home…)

    However, we kept it transparent and always vowed never to enter into the typical “salesman” mindset, with any of our clients.

    Today, better than 60% of our clientele is from the Civilian world. Teachers, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters make up the other 40% of our relational Business Model.

    Referrals – Huge Chunk of our business comes from those referring our Paris911 Team to those wanting to sell or procure real estate within Southern California and beyond.

    In addition, we run the Greater Los Angeles REMAX Relocation arm and have a Relocation Concierge Service for those Leaving from and Arriving To the Greater Los Angeles Areas. (we are a one stop real estate shop)

    The Paris911 Team is amongst the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide and within the Top 10 – varying 1-10 (depending on the month 🙂 ), at REMAX and amongst the other Santa Clarita Valley real estate teams.

    Glad to be of Service, Over and Out.

    Here is a quick presentation that we did recently that will give show you the advantage of having your real estate agent write better offers for homes and real estate for sale.

    If you are not working with a Realtor, give us a call, we’d love to interview for the job of representing you with your real estate needs.

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