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    Paris911 Santa Clarita Daily show – Agents getting scammed

    “Word on the street is that he is one of the most dangerous people that ever walked the face of the Earth.”  A line from a movie that I cannot seem to remember – but that is nothing new, the older I get.

    Putting Agents on notice, in St. Louis, is the Better Business Bureau.  Apparently, some on-line predator has opened up a website with the word “Realtor” in the domain name, which is in of itself a Trade Mark infringement.  The Real Estate agent Scam Centered website is about Realtor Feedback and Reviews.

    If you are a real estate agent and have a bad review on their site, which they apparently make up, you can have it removed for $49 bucks.  There is no address or name associated with the website and apparently the “privacy” settings of the domain are enabled.

    Real Estate agents in Santa Clarita ValleyThey are investigating currently.  What is the difference between that type of Real Estate review website and the other sites what have positions that you can buy as a Realtor?

    Some of those are Top Agents Websites – selling positions to local realtors.  You can buy into those systems, for a fee, without having to prove that you are an agent that has good reviews or one that is mostly concerned with client care.

    Real Estate intel – The local Santa Clarita Valley is still plugging along in it’s inventory.  15 new listings had been added to the “for sale” market in the last 24 hours.  We did some research with how our local market is fairing between the Foreclosures and the Short Sales.  Would you believe we have a 2 to 1 radio in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities when it comes to Foreclosures and Short Sales?  Click here to see which one is more prevalent at more than a 2 to 1 radio.

    Short Sales – they say they are going to get easier(less in time to complete 🙂 ) in the coming months – in fact after November 1st of last year, 2012 – Freddie Mac had some new rules in place to make the banks get on the stick and get them done.

    Most of the short sale process is uploading the documents to get the bank to start the approval process.  You have no idea how many times we uploaded documents only to have the bank tell us they did not receive them.  We would then Fax – The bank would then tell us they had not been received.

    There was one particular Santa Clarita short sale The Paris911 Team was negotiating last year, concerning a small bank in the Midwest, where we faxed in Short Sale documents no less than 23 times.  We finally mailed them return receipt.  We received confirmation that the package had arrived and was signed for.  We called and the bank told us they had not received the documents.  It was not until we confronted them with the person that signed for the short sale package that they told us they had them and they were under review.

    They are going to only give the Banks 3 days to intake the documents.  Which will help immensely.  The review period will also be shrunk.  30 days to review and approve.  60 days in case there are investors of multiple types that have to be conferred with regarding the short sale being approved.

    I hope this is not one of those programs in the past that was voted in and approved, only to go no where.  Some short sale programs were approved but we saw no “benefit” from the ground.  The best way for you to have your Short Sale Negotiated – Get with a local real estate team of Short Sale Experts that knows the inner workings.

    In addition, here is some advice – make sure the Santa Clarita short sale team does their short sale negotiation in-house and don’t farm it out.  There is a much higher level of accountability when your Short Sale agent is handling your Short Pay in this manner. (I was wondering if I could have used Short Sale more times in this paragraph 🙂 – Be Safe and Search Well….


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