Paris911 dot com reloaded – Thanks to Danny at Link U Realty

    Real Estate Website evolution

    We went through 6 website companies until we were Blessed to find Link U realty.  The other 6 were less than adequate.  Their customer service was horrible.  I am such a “hands on” realtor when it comes to internet technology, I could not stand it.

    I blog, I write content for 4 hours a day about real estate related topics.  I love testing new technology that will complement what our Exclusive Clients want.  In fact, back in 2009 I spent way too much $$$ on exploring new real estate website technology, as Paris reminds me.

    Technology Abounds

    Today, we have a few, very select, systems in place.  But the core of our Real Estate arsenal is a Website by Link U Realty.  Our Main real estate website for the Santa Clarita Valley hits on Page 1 for most of the most prevalent real estate search terms for the Santa Clarita Real Estate world.  These systems “work” for Real Estate – It was a “trial and error” process.

    Proof is in the Pudding

    Here is the new rendition of our Santa Clarita Real Estate Website, I have the ideas and Danny builds them out and corrects me when I am being “outside of the lines”!  Anyone may have ideas – but when you have a HTML author(website builder) that will be honest about the changes you want to implement, even tell you that your ideas are not fathomable, you have found someone that believes in your cause as much, if not more, than you do!!!!!!

    Santa Clarita real estate website

    Page 1 Rankings when it comes to Search

    That page 1 organic result on Google is not by chance.  In fact today, more than ever, with all of the updates and algorithim changes within Google’s Search Engine, to maintain page 1 rankings, is by having a Website that meshes with Google without fault.

    That is what we have achieved with Link U Realty.  We are not the “set it and forget it” type of Real Estate Agents.  I run 5 different real estate WordPress Blogs, where I answer a multitude of questions that real estate buyers and sellers have.

    Results don’t lie!

    But when it comes to search, we are in the top’s of all of the major search engines.  Blogging aside, it is up to the website developer to maintain the “cleaniness” of a real estate website.  It is up to the company you hire to entertain all of your inquires.  A GREAT Real Estate Website developer will do all of the “heavy lifting”.  Link U realty does just that and more than any other Real Estate Website builder.  I listen to over 4 hours of Website SEO and optimiation podcasts a week.  Trust me when I tell you that the staff at Link U realty has the patience of a multitude of  saints.

    The Paris911 Team named expert:

    My Go To, and if you are as lucky(Blessed), as I apparently am, is Danny, and there is only one “Danny”.  He is a master of HTML authorship, he has vision like no one I have ever met.  With all of the “professional website designers” I am exposed to each and every week, I know he is worth his salt.

    My hats off to Link U Realty for choosing such “Quality” and “Diligent” personnel.

      I hope Danny has a lit Cuban cigar ready for his arrival at Link U Systems every morning, accompanied by a silk robe and pre-warmed soft slippers..

    My Hat’s Off to Link U Realty and Danny.  Check out our Paris911 Reloaded Real Estate Website.

    For the Record

    I wrote this entire article on my own accord.  I have not been promised anything nor have I accepted any kind of compensation.  I talk with those that Link U Realty sends my way with questions and wanting testimonials.  I know many other Realtors that have had similar success, they too use the Link U Realty Real Estate Websites.

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