Paris found in Santa Clarita


    While showing homes in the City of Saugus CA – I came across this wall painting of the Eiffel tower. Constant reminders like this one make me know that Paris is watching my every move 🙂

    This home was quite nice, it was a short sale. This home did have some strange showing instructions. In fact, at the time of showing they were strange, but today they are becoming much more common place.

    This is how the MLS read, “Showing to only be this coming friday (insert date here), between the hours of 11 and 1p”. That’s it. No more. There was a date given 7 days from the time the home was placed onto the market.

    Due to the lack of “ready to go” inventory, the some in the real estate world are able to sell properties in this manner.

    Do I think this is right? Absolutely not. However, to give a bit more justification to this agent, those that were occupying the home were tenants. Those that were living in the home that became distressed and where the owner wanted to have it sold short, were tenants.

    It may have been to give the tenants a bit of a break. Also so they are not interrupted as much etc.

    Tenants have rights that are stronger than the actual owner of a property in California. If they did not want to show a property that they were living in, that became distressed because the owner had failed to keep making their mortgage payments, they would be standing on pretty solid ground.

    Better to play nice in this regard than to start out at a 10!!!

    Here are some of our Famous Santa Clarita Real Estate MacBoX resource keywords and phrases. If you go to and type into the Paris911 MAcBoX the following words:

    Short Sales



    Bank Owned

    You will hit just about everything I spoke about in this post. Please pass this along if it adds value to you and we appreciate you reading.

    This entire post was typed with the WordPress app on the iPad via a blue tooth keyboard, Tethering to my iPhone and that’s it. From the comfort of my car while I wait in the parking lot at the Newhall CA DMV for my eldest…

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