Online systems for finding the BEST real estate agents

    You have seen the systems when watching TV – or maybe those who seem to be following you everywhere online ever since you searched for real estate.

    They tout to be able to find you the best real estate agent there is. One that can sell your home for the most money. These real estate agents are the best in your current market. They have awesome reviews and are spoken by everyone as being the best in the universe.

    The best way to gauge¬†sites and online search systems like these are to find out who’s getting paid.

    Where is the money to pay for those sites coming from? Are you paying to get the results?

    Or are agents paying for the leads?

    Or – are agents paying a fee to be a part of those websites to obtain the leads?

    Maybe those sites are not paying anyone and are totally FREE. Don’t bet on it – TV and PPC campaigns are expensive, if you found anyone of those sites – they paid for your attention!

    This is what I think. The internet used to be much more simple. What you saw was what you would get. There were no games as to who has the best or who have found the best. The “let us refer” someone to you and we will charge that “someone” a fee for your information as a lead, did not exist until recently.

    Before sites who prey on those of you who are searching for a real estate agent, an agent’s reputation was spread person to person. You’d ask your boss, family or employee who they used for real estate and they’d tell you.

    My suggestion, as we have told our clients, know your navigation around the biggest search engines. What are the Ad’s – Where are the PPC (pay per click) campaigns and where do you see the local ads. After all of that – you see the Organic results – those are the agents whom you should be wanting to hire. The price of admission is time on the job and a ton of writing informational posts which serve buyers and sellers.

    Page 1 Google – Top of the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents on the search results – here is how you get rid of the fake and focus on the real.

    These are the results of searching for the BEST Santa Clarita Real estate agents on Google on the Google Local Pages on Google Maps.

    These are the Organic Results – This is where our writings have paid off in the long run. This is where our locally syndicated real estate radio show appears and where we get the largest volume of our business besides referrals.


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