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    Is Obama Care impacting Real Estate

    Mom always said it’s not polite to talk about religion and politics.  Back then we did not.

    Today I have a different view, It’s VERY important to talk about things that impact life and death…

    Here is my view of Obama Care and the future of real estate. Have the local real estate agents seen a slow down?

    Yes, but that can be attributed to the typical seasonal shift that real estate experiences every year during the fall.health insurance went up

    However, we have had several clients that have mentioned that their health coverage went up and when they called their providers to find out why, they were told “Obama care” is the reason.

    I have not read the bill, I have not talked to anyone that has gone through the 3000+ page document and the supporting documents.

    I don’t know if the representative from the health care provider, that my “various clients” had, was correct on the factoring of “Obama care” being the blame for rising health insurance premiums and the lowering of deductibles.

    Our health insurance also increased next year over $400.00 a month for our family of 4.

    The health provider we have is also laying off 160,000 employees according to the news.

    However, while this may be dismal news and while “Obama care” is not entirely set in stone, real estate will continue to be bought and sold in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and in the rest of the world.

    Just hang in there, nothing lasts the same for long and who knows, there might be a silver lining to this after all 🙂

    Talk soon and let us know when you are ready for your Real Estate crash course before selling or buying any real estate whatsoever.


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