News Updates for our Real Estate Friends, Clients and everyone else

    Our First real estate update for the month of December 2012 – We have one more to go and we hope that inventory will increase for our buyers in the current market.  Hope and Faith – that is all we need 🙂

    The Santa Clarita real estate update is upon you – right now.  Whether in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in the world – We have the information which you seek.

    Today, we broke into a session of wondering how much longer we have to pick out that perfect Christmas Gift.

    Here is a break down of the show via bullet points (you know how I love bullet points).

    • Interest rates at an all time low – 3.31% and less – how far will they go
    • If you can save a point on your mortgage – REFI it
    • Go to your bank first to get your refi done
    • We have top Santa Clarita lenders we work with
    • The Good Neighbor Next Door – buy a home at a 50% discount
    • Go to HudAlerts dot com – not super desirable areas – for leo’s and teachers
    • emt, teachers, police, fire and deputies – you have to apply for a loan
    • Register at HUD alerts dot com
    • Foreclosures are Still around – but we have seen bank owned heading to auction
    • Usually during the first sale date – the property did not sell at auction
    • Properties are moving to auction to maybe heal the economy
    • Debt forgiveness act – benefits with it or not when short selling
    • 2014 or 2015, hopefully this will extend to that date
    • Short Sales – Do you know anyone?  Give them the education
    • Short Sale Experts – are you really and why is it everyone is?
    • 100% guarantee with Santa Clarita Short Sales – Dangerous
    • I can get it done for sure – Bad
    • Watch out for the game of “over confidence”
    • Investors own short sale properties – The bank may have several investors on a single loan
    • Multiple investors – no guarantee
    • Real Estate Syndication websites –
    • Local Real Estate agent – better ways to search for Santa Clarita homes
    • IDX – use the internet data exchange
    • That is the correct home search process
    • Syndication websites don’t have access to the feed
    • Agent – through the Broker – Through the Board of Realtors – Through the IDX
    • Great of monetizing your personal and private information
    • They serve their purpose – selling your info to multiple hungry agents
    • Interview multiple real estate agents – advice taken
    • 4 or 5 agents total to speak with – even with buying – get multiple opinions
    • Who’s going to be the best fit for your real estate needs
    • Who is going to keep you out of harms way
    • Owe 500K on my home but it’s only worth 300k – make your own decision
    • Connor with HONOR – at Paris911’s Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita
    • See you again on the 15th – be safe and talk soon

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