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    Not everything is as it seems sometimes. This AM I went to get the family donuts. I know, they are horrible for you and cause all sorts of problems. However, aren’t they dreamy 🙂

    We don’t do this often, and we don’t do this more than three times per year, but when we do it, we do it right.

    Santa Clarita real estate podcasting

    I went to S and S bakery in Valencia this AM. I got 6 chocolate glazed donuts and two glazed twists. I had one of the twists. and the other 6 people, in our immediate family, had the rest, I’d assume.

    I left directly to West Valley in Los Angeles to show a couple of homes that just came onto the MLS for sale.

    I’m now at a Starbucks at Lassen and Topanga Canyon Blvd.

    The home, that I viewed with our clients, happened to be a HUD foreclosure. Owned by Housing and Urban Development, this home is for, all intensive purposes, a Real Estate owned

    It was okay, but you could tell there had been some issues with the pool because it was “bullet proofed”, with 2X4’s covering it in it’s entirety, sheets of plastic and small guage rebar across it all. This is typically done because the bank (owner), does not want any issues having a pool with kids entering, getting hurt and drowning etc…

    The buyers I’m representing on this purchase are 5% down conventional buyers. This property would not work for them due to their appraiser wanting to have the pool filled and made working before allowing their boss, the bank, to lend on it.

    There were other issues that stood out. It’s directly across from an elementary school. It happens to be on the “drop off and pick up side”. The husband leaves to work around 8am, after about 8 months of him not being able to get out of his driveway to go to work, I’d probably be getting a call 🙂

    Inside of the home the living room ceiling appeared to be sagging, with a crack down the center of the room, following a drywall seam. This could have been superficial or something worse.

    Again, if there are going to be other offers, with better financing, they are going to win this one. If the buyer chosen, asks for the seller to fix anything, the seller will probably say NO. All residential real estate is sold “as is”, in this case, HUD takes “as is” very seriously.

    Also, there are going to be a few offers as well, due to there not being very many HUD foreclosures entering the market any longer, due to the market moving toward a point of normalcy.

    Let the Paris911 Team know when we can assist you.

    I also did this early in the AM: 10+10db, 300HS, 30HP, 150BB, So much for this one because of the donuts 🙂

    Have a great day…


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