The Best 5 New Santa Clarita home updates and tactics to watch out for

    I went to a new home center just off of Plum Canyon with a client of mine, with whom I had already “registered” with the new home builder.

    Future New Home developments Santa Clarita Valley

    We went again to make sure he was happy with the new home he was buying, the new home I was representing him on. When we walked in I observed a sales person that I had not encountered before.

    He approached my client, I was coming, but lagging behind, he was pushy beyond pushy. He said, “in order to get you started, you need to sign in. Take this iPad and enter your information on it. Then we can help you.”

    • Having your own agent at no cost to you!
    • Finding out the phase number of the release
    • Asking how much each phase has progressed “gained in price” from the beginning
    • Finding out how much the true mello roos taxes are and if you can negotiate a 1 year or more credit?
    • Making the new home builder’s agent reveal how they can keep your agent informed if a home falls out of escrow matching the one you want to purchase and giving you that at a discount.

    He was fast, direct and to the point. After my client signed in, I said I was his agent. He said you must be here the first time your client enters the new home center or you cannot represent him. I said it had only been 25 seconds, I thought he was kidding, he was not.

    Most new home agents are right on the mark, some are way off and are causing the new home builders profits for sure.

    I further explained I had been present a couple of days ago and that I registered my client, I even had my copy of the receipt from my registering them in my car.

    The lady I signed up my client with intervened. How embarrassing I thought. Too bad they are so aggressive, I bet they turn off a lot of people.

    There is a lot of money to be saved if you have your own real estate representative when buying new homes from new home builders. Call me and I will explain my method. In order for me to represent you, you must not have entered your email or name in any way shape or form at the new home builder models and with the new home builder’s agent.

    By this simplistic act, you give up a lot of $$$.

    New Santa Clarita home activity – future building

    Residential Projects in the Santa Clarita Valley and LinksMajor Development Projects in SCV

    Project Name                                      Units to be Built                                                Description                                                                                                                             Project Status                                                  

    Santa Clarita


    Whitaker Bermite                             2,911                                                                     1,244 SFH and 1667 MFU                                                    Approved with Long Term Land Remediation                   


    Vista Canyon                                      1,100                                                                     Single Family Homes                                                               Under Construction


    Princessa Crossroads                       925                                                                         Multi Family Homes                                                             Under Review



    Sand Canyon Plaza                           580                                                                         Apartments/Townhomes/Condos                             Approved



    Aliento  (Golden Valley Ranch)     495                                                                         Mixed Residential/Senior Units                                   Under Construction



    Bouquet Canyon Project                461                                                                         Single Family Homes/Town Homes/Bungalows                EIR Process




    Ravello/Placerita Ranch                  322                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Planning Review



    RiverVillage Area D                           184                                                                         Multi Family Homes                                                          Under Construction



    Park Vista                                             182                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        EIR Process



    Galloway Senior @ Five Knolls     140                                                                         Age Restricted Units                                                        Under Construction



    Mancara at Robinson Ranch        109                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Planning Review



    Dockweiler 21                                       96                                                                         Condos                                                                                 Planning Review



    Avanti @ Westcreek                          92                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Under Construction



    West Creek / West Hills                    88                                                                         Mixed Residential                                                             Under Construction



    VTC Square                                            60                                                                         Mixed Residential                                                             Under Construction



    Newhall Crossings                               47                                                                         Mixed Use Residential (Will be Leased)                     Under Construction



    TMC Residential                   42                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved, On Hold


    Links: (Master’s University Master Plan)

    Ted Robinson                                       40                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Pending


    Links: (I am guessing on this as 40 Single Family related to the Sand Canyon Country Club Project)

    Canyon Brook                                      35                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved


    Sand Canyon Estates                         22                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved, No Action


    8th Street Subdivision                        17                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Under Review




    • Sources: City of Santa Clarita and The California Economic Forecast
    • SFH: Single Family Homes; MFU: Multifamily Units; TH: Townhomes

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