New Inventory – Consumers searching online for Realtors – Paying more than FMV for real estate

    Sometimes people pay more than Fair market value for real estate. Depending on the current real estate market and the motivation of a buyer, a real estate seller can have their dreams fulfilled.

    A good real estate agent will look at comparable properties that have sold and advise their clients as to the best strategy when it comes to “how much to offer”.

    Santa Clarita daily radio updatesA better real estate agent will use “appraisal” guidelines when they do their research about the “how much to offer” factor.

    The BEST real estate agent will advise, but always remember the client is the boss and they can offer what they want for the home. Ultimately, they are going to be incurring the debt. They are going to be living in the home. How much they should write, at the end of the day, should be their decision. If they want to side with their agent – and if they trust them explicitly, that is a bonus.

    Consumers – those interested in real estate are starting to do more on-line searching for real estate agents. They are doing “specific searches”. Looking by city name followed by the words real estate or realtor. Most of those “types” of consumer searches also have the word “agent” attached to them.

    Examples of this real estate search trend are:

    Santa Clarita real estate agents
    -Santa Clarita realtor agents
    -Agents in Santa Clarita CA

    The real estate searching public is also “getting it” when it come to real estate Syndication Websites. They understand why they were built and how they are maintained. They also get the fact they are gunning to get the “searching public” to give up their personal and private information during a real estate inquiry or when wanting more information. They were build on the “selling of leads” principal – that is well understood.

    Therefore, most consumers, while they may use their sites to search, they don’t give up who they are. The last couple of clients we had in our offices, after the interview with my real estate team, it was only then when they gave me their real names, and real email addresses.

    I chuckled during our interview. After we were finished, I needed to make sure I had their correct contact information so I could send them intel and get them in touch with the right ancillary real estate vendors. Mr. and Mr. home buyer explained that the email and names I had were fakes and proceeded to give me their real ones 🙂

    No one wants to be bothered. No one wants to have their “privacy” sacrificed. They want it so they can control the flow of information. They want to be in charge. And, as far as I am concerned, they should be…

    10 new listings hit the Santa Clarita re-sale market in the past 24 hours. If you want to view those, head over to the top Santa Clarita real estate website at Paris911 dot com and type the word “new” into the MacBoX without the quotes. You may see or may not see photographs. Per the local Southland Regional Association of Realtors, a real estate agent that inputs a new listing has 48 hours in which to upload new photos of that property. Click on this Santa Clairta Listing link for the new inventory in the SCV

    Some agents don’t have all of their ducks in a row before they sit down in front of a computer and start entering the new listing information. They don’t have their photos optimized and they are not ready to upload the Virtual Tour link. This is very important to do from a Sellers Perspective, especially if the listing is going to be allowed to be syndicated. Those Syndication websites may only pull local MLS data every two weeks. If you don’t have everything uploaded at the time the listing is entered into the MLS – it may be two weeks before a Real Estate syndication website gets the photos from their source. Click on this Santa Clarita Listing Agent link to see how we sell our Sellers Real Estate

    Please be safe – search well and let The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA – that’s us – know if we can help you on your real estate quest. If you want to send us an email – click here

    p.s. head over to our main Santa Clarita Realtor website and enter your email into “subscribe” box for bi monthly real estate intel. Be safe – talk soon. Our main Santa Clairta real estate website with our MacBoX and Super Search is at this link.

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