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    Not really new – just, in addition to or more.  When it comes to “building out” of a home that we have listed for sale, I don’t want to leave any resource un-covered.  The more people your home can be put in front of – the better.

    I am not speaking about “forcing” people to look. I am speaking about permission being granted by those that are searching for real estate and homes for sale.  In fact, when over 87% of those looking to buy or sell a home, start their search on-line before, even picking up the phone, your home needs to be on every single web portal that talks about real estate – Period!!!!

    If you hear your home will be put into the Multiple Listing Service other wise known as the MLS – That is GREAT.  But typical and necessary. Real Quick, For a Real Estate Agent to sell a home to the largest audience, affording their client the most protection and accountability, they must be a Realtor.

    To Join the board of Realtors requires said agent being of a Certain Standard or Level.  There are Boards of Realtors in most cities or in most areas that keep tabs on the homes for sale.  They keep track, mandate the local Real estate agent adhere to certain minimum standards, and keep records of prices and recordings.

    So, to have a home that is listed for sale, posted in the MLS – that is Great and May I be so Bold and say, “a charge to a seller, for commission of more than 1%, would be a crime for taking a listing and only uploading it to the Local Multiple Listing Service.”

    Things to Look For that make A Realtor worth much more than 1%:

    • Virtual Tour – Not just any virtual tour – but one that uploads to various “homes for sale” sites.,,,, – Google, Yahoo homes, AOL Real Estate and more.  These sources have to be watched to ensure the uploading takes place.  When an agent is using multiple Virtual Tour Platforms – it hits these sites with each Build.
    • Blogging – You are reading this because you found it on-line.  If you have found this, you see the power when a Realtor writes about their craft and about your home.  Especially, about your home that you want sold at the highest possible price to the most qualified buyer!
    • Networking – Local Realtor Networks, and Advisory Groups.  Which ones, how many members and what are the Minimum Qualifications for the agents allowed to join.  If it is filled with agents that only do 4-10 transactions a year – it is not that impressive.  But when the group consists of minimum requirements such as:  Agent Required to maintain Top 1% Realtor Status.  Quarterly evaluations to ensure compliance.  Meaning, these types of agents have over 95% of the buyers in a particular city or area, is a true advantage to a Sales Pitch of your Listing.
    • Values – How about a team that decided not to take on so much business as to lose the “human” touch?  Being able to be called on the phone and to pick up most of the time?  A true Husband and Wife team, where both work in Real Estate full time, day in and day out, where one is not just a name on a real estate sign or a bit of window dressing…  But where both have offices and where both know what is going on with any and all of their clients. Have you ever hired someone for a service and then ended up dealing with someone else on their “team”? We have a “team” but know we would lose clients and our creditably if we dealt with our clients in that way.  Enough of the Soap Box… 🙂
    • Daily Statistics – Looking at the data uploads, views, getting feedback, on a daily basis with each and every listing is very important.  Checking to see what photo is being viewed the most and the one that is  being viewed the least – Things need to be changed, re-tuned, tuned up, modified, and continually shipped.  Keeping the property presentation finely tuned on all of the Web Sites and with all of the Search Systems for Real Estate takes skill.  An agent can hire someone to do it with much less passion, looking at their job as a “paycheck” and not as being “relationship based”.  When you have a team, where one of the members writes what you are reading and does it with respect to all of their sellers homes, condo’s and town-homes listed for sale, you have Paris911!
    • Googleable – When you type in the name of your chosen Real Estate professional, their partner or their team.  See what they are writing and see what is being written about them!


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    Paris and Connor MacIvor

    Connor and Paris MacIvor are in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide, starting their real estate business in 1998 with RE/MAX Gateway - Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. Their becoming licensed real estate consultants and representatives came from the horrible experience they had when they bought their first home. There were many things that the agent they had hired did not explain and disclose, which per law he should have. Getting that agent on the phone after they closed escrow and after he had gotten paid was impossible. Paris and Connor called the broker, the board of realtors, the office manager and all they received was the promise of a phone call back. The remedy did come, but not as fast and in the way they wanted. That act - that bad agent was the reason why Paris and Connor became Realtors. That was all they needed to vow to never let the same fate befall anyone else, that befell them. Today Connor and Paris are focused on client service. Protection and top-shelf service with regard to their real estate clientele. They primarily work within the Santa Clarita Valley and Valencia CA. However, for a referral, where 80+ of their business is referrals they have License and Will Travel to other parts of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County to handle real estate transactions for those who trust their real estate operation. Writing on their Real Estate Blog is a passion. is where you will find over 10,000 real estate articles. Go to to listen to their latest real estate radio broadcast.

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