My first post on a MacBook Air

    Actually, this is my first post, “The Two Thousand and Second on our Santa Clarita community blog”, ever from any Apple Product.  I do have to say I love the “chick-let” island style keyboard that seems to have made macbook laptops famous.  I am also a big fan of the screen.

    Short sale expertsIn being a PC user from the beginning.  I finally figured out how to copy and paste using the command key on the Mac-Keyboard.  We have a couple of clients that are huge Apple Fans.  Ben and Vianney will be so proud of me and I have a feeling that they will be reading this soon.

    Just an FYI, I bought this for Paris’ Christmas present.  I’m not taking it by force, I’m borrowing it 🙂  I should have explained the time frame I was thinking about.  But if I love this computer any more, it could be a while before she sees it…

    I will be googling how to do other things that I have come to know well on my PC.  The next think will be how to make the screen smaller within the window.  I have noticed that this computer has a multi function pad – which I like.  I also noticed it does not have a committed left and right click spot – this pad is smarter.

    I am going to use a Thumb Drive to see if photos are easily added to Blog Posts – such as this one.  If you are looking at the final publication of this post and there is a photo somewhere on this page – that means it worked.

    Be Safe and we will talk soon.  I’m Connor – Over and Out…

    Here are the newest five listings that have hit the market within our “Santa Clarita Real Estate comfort zone”.  Be Safe and talk soon.  Don’t forget to search as a Real Estate agent would by going to our Main Santa Clarita real estate site and typing into the MacBoX the letters MLS – Standing for the Multiple Listing Service, it gives the real estate interested all of the most recent listings and everything that is on the market for sale.  The drawback of using a real estate search that is not local and one that is tied to real estate syndications systems, is that there is no “policing mechanism” to control which listings are entered into the system.  An example I had seen recently was a listing that was sold over 6 months ago – still showing as active on a real estate syndication website.  Other examples include “fake” lead generation listings, listings that are currently in escrow showing as if they are fully available and the Notice of Default and Auction properties listed as if they are actually for sale on the re-sale market.  (enough of this from me, I’m stepping away from the soap box 🙂 )

    [idx-listings linkid=”242005″ count=”5″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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